Vexiona Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Vexiona Ny’alotha Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Vexiona boss in Ny’alotha on Normal and Heroic difficulty. She’ll alternate between ground and air phases until 40% health, when she’ll land for good and turn up the void. You start the encounter on the ground fighting her and a Void Ascendant add. She’ll direct a Twilight Breath cone attack at her tank, who should face her off to the side. The cone stacks up Void Corruption, which we’ll talk more about shortly. The tank will also occasionally get hit with Despair. They get a six second DoT and then pop for raid damage based on their missing health. The lower the tank is when Despair ends, the bigger the explosion. Healers need to keep the tank as high as they can during Despair so that the raid doesn’t get blasted.

Encroaching Shadows will target players, doing splash damage and then dropping a pool after 8 seconds. Stay somewhat spread for this whole fight to reduce that damage and drop your pools off to the side. The Void Ascendant needs a tank of it’s own. It’ll cast Annihilation, which is a big frontal beam that stacks up a debuff. Face that away from players, and the tank will want a dispel about halfway through. Annihilation will alo damage any Cultist adds in this fight so if you can get them in the beam, do it. When a Void Ascendant dies, it’ll drop this Gift of the Void orb. A player can pick that up and use their extra action button to consume it, spew out an Annihilation of their own and clear their stacks of Void Corruption. The tank that’s been eating Twilight Breath should take that to keep their stacks down. Just watch where you aim it. Hitting adds is good, hitting your friends is not.

Vexiona will slap down a Dark Gateway and summon some smaller cultist adds. All of these can be CCed and they’ll also take damage from Annihilation beams, so get creative. The Fanatical Cultists gain energy over time and will turn into a Void Ascendant if they live too long. Don’t let that happen. Spellbound Ritualists will be casting Void Bolt, so kick that to help the offtank group up the adds. When Vexiona reaches 100 energy, she lifts off for the air phase. Shadow pools keep coming, and she’ll make a new Void Ascendant as she leaves. The other mechanics take a break. From the air, she’ll sweep the room and light up a third of it with Twilight Decimator.

Watch the sky to see where she’s coming from and do NOT be in the way. You’ll die, I checked. After three Decimator passes she’ll land and we’re back to Phase One. When the boss reaches 40% health, we move into Phase Three. There will be no more air phases, no more adds and therefor no more Gifts of the Void to cleanse your Void Corruption. Any stacks you get, you keep. To make that more fun, Empowered Void Corruption means that literally everything will apply Void Corruption. The Encroaching Shadows and Twilight breath continues. Terrifying Presence is new, and that means you need to stick to a buddy or else you will have 0% haste. Make a friend and stack with them. Heart of Darkness is a big, dangerous Shadow explosion that Vexiona will emit in Phase Three. It does less damage if you get some distance, so everyone needs to run away from the boss, but stay close to your buddy as you run.

If you’re alone when it goes off, you’ll be feared for 8 seconds Grong-style. On normal, that’s the fight. Pop cooldowns in Phase three to finish the fight before your healers have a nervous breakdown. On Heroic and higher, there are two more things. In heroic Phase One, you also get Sinister Soulcarvers out of the gateways along with cultists. It’ll teleport up to 15 yards at a time and then sink damage into the nearest player. It’ll break roots and slows but other CC will work so Stun or disorient it to stop it’s Spiteful Assault. In Heroic Phase Three, Vexiona will do Desolation. It’ll slow down a target and then do a huge cleave hit which splits damage as well as 30 stacks of Void Corruption. Everyone that can needs to get in that to help take the blast. And, that is Vexiona in Ny’alotha! I’ve got more guides on my channel and I also stream on Twitch. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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