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Warbear Leather Skinning Farm – 36k/h By: ElGoblinoGuides


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Before starting

1. Get classic skinning. You can train this in your faction’s cities.

2. If you have a druid, use it. If you have a character with The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge, that’s good too. You’ll be mounting up hundreds or thousands of times. That adds up quickly.

3. Get these addons:

Faster Loot – this will make looting instant

Scrap (Junk Seller) – easy vendoring

4. Get Darkmoon Firewater

5. Use either of these macros:

If you’re using The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge, use a /startattack macro like:

/target Tainted Black Bear

/use Moonfire


If you’re flying around as a druid:

/cancelaura Travel Form

/target Tainted Black Bear

/use Moonfire


This is what I got from 5 hours of farming (gold values are European 60 day average):

  • Warbear Leather – 558 = 412,931g (*)

  • Rugged Leather – 2102 = 34,157g

  • Rugged Hide – 107 = 2,072g

  • Bear Flank – 1103 = 60,808g (*)

  • Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment – 18 (**)

  • Traveler’s Belt – 1,314g

  • Alabaster Plate Girdle – 1,968g

  • 165g raw

  • Thorium Lockbox – 2

Expected per hour value:

Medium sell rate (1 week to 1 month) – 36k (first 4 items in the list)

(*) The 60 day average for Warbear Leather and Bear Flank looks very inflated, to me. I’ve used The Undermine Journal’s median price for each of the two to calculate the expected value: 250.09 and 8.26

(**) You can deliver these quest items to this guy, for a chance at some transmog. I didn’t get anything good. Let me know if you get anything over 1k in value.

Old Blasted Lands spot <— click for image

You must talk to Zidormi and zone into old Blasted Lands to be able to do this farm.

We’re here only to kill Tainted Black Bears. They hyperspawn, so having competition or a group should be beneficial, as you would spend less time traveling and more time killing and skinning.

Druids can get here by Dreamwalking and taking the Duskwood portal.


Most of these materials sell slowly. Don’t expect to sell anything overnight and don’t spend entire days farming here.

One of the keys to getting gold is diversifying what you put up on the auction house. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

Full population servers are terrible for getting gold from farming.

The gold values presented in this guide are European server averages. See your individual server values and come to a conclusion yourself, whether this farm is worth your time or not. I wouldn’t bother with anything below 20k/h, but 30k+ would be ideal.

If you enjoy my guides, please support me by sharing them with your friends and guildies.

I’d also love to know what you would like to see for new guides, what should be changed or data that I maybe don’t include but would be beneficial 🙂


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