Warframe – Karkina Antenna Farming Guide


Hello, everybody: it is games from welcome back to the channel. In today’s video we have a farming guide, let’s go ahead and check it out, yo. That’S why i fished out for the fish right here, as you can see, there’s quite a few big ones. Let me go ahead and catch this one to prove that, as you can see, it is logged. Let me go ahead and show you on the map where this location is is in the corner right here by the ocean. It’S a really good spot for some extra proof to fill out the facing location that still does work.

As you can see, i got 32 of the fish and from fishing i did get 22 of the main resource you get from cutting the fish open, which is a little bit real. But we did get that, as you can see in the second row and the first little column and the fish on the shoulder rail. The bait that i used when i was facing is this bait right here called twilight bait. I highly recommend it. It’S very good. Once you get the fist, you need to come to this lady write your own sentence. Let’S go ahead and talk to her all right and then you click the cut fist option. Let’S go ahead and find it. It should be right over here. Yes, it is go ahead and pick all of them. I’M gon na grab all these ones right here and then i’ll grab these large ones too cut the fish open, we’ll get 86.

That’S pretty good! Thank you guys so much for coming by and checking out the video. I really do appreciate that if you found the guide helpful, please hit that like button and do not forget to subscribe to the channel to see future content coming out soon. Once again, thank you. I’Ll catch you next time, games from out

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