What is World of Warcraft? (Starter Guide)



Hello guys and welcome so today I wanted to do an introduction into what is world of warcraft now to a lot of you. This might be like really silly and obvious, but there are some. You never know who just don’t know what this game is so originally, while the Warcraft came out in 2004 and they’ve been celebrating 15 years worth of, you know, live service, endless expansions they’ve had the Burning Crusade, they’ve had Cataclysm, they’ve had mists of pandaria they’ve had Warlords of Draenor they’ve had Legion. Now they have battle for Azeroth.


They’Ve announced the next expansion Shadowlands, so this games been going for a really long time now. The reason why that this game is exceptional is because they have done a great job in defining the different elements of what makes an MMORPG, so MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Now the thing with while the Warcraft is that they did such a good job. That most MMOs actually copy from the formula of World of Warcraft. So the fact is, you can walk around the world freely. You can fly, you can go most places in the game. After the Cataclysm expansion came out, they revamped the original zones. So you can even fly in those as well and based on my final fantasy xiv audience by to do a comparison like at the moment. You know how you can fly in the new expansion areas like heaven, sward and storm blooded shadow bringers, but you can’t fly in the original round reborn zones, while the Warcraft actually had that same issue back in the day. But then Cataclysm came along and they made it, so you can fly literally everywhere, but they have gated content as well in World of Warcraft. So you can’t instantly fly in a new expansion area.


Once it comes out, you have to work your way through the zones and earn the ability to fly in the everyw news on, but it’s still there now the again a difference with this game compared to a 14. Is that the global cooldown, as in the amount of time it takes for your abilities to happen, is lightly in a second, whereas in world inform Final Fantasy 14? It’S like nearly double that. So it means that when you have combat in the game the amount of key presses, you’re pressing, is a lot more rapid and but for me personally, that makes some form much more exciting PvP. So I would rate the PvP system in world of warcraft to be higher than Final Fantasy 14. Just for that reason, because it’s really really fast now, because there is a massively massive world in this game and they’ve had so many expansion. Every expansion came with a new continent, a new zone, a new planet and new, whatever it’s now made the game after so many expansion seems so huge and so like such a, I don’t want to say a mess, but so massive that it’s actually difficult for new Players to get into, and also as well even if you and you play and you get into the game, there’s gon na, be so much of the old content that you just skip over, like you can literally power level and skip entire expansions were for content like So Burning Crusade, the first expansion, it’s like at the time we spent a lot of time in Outland and the Burning Crusade and so on.


But now, when you level up a brand new character, you’ll probably skip those ten levels in like an hour or something or even less so. And what has happened with this game is that it’s fallen into a way of the players are so nostalgic to the old air of the game. When it first came out burst. Exploring the world like the world was a lot bigger because it it was a lot harder to get around. You couldn’t fly everywhere. You have to travel everywhere on foot you couldn’t like get around as easy, there’s always a threat of other players and so on, and it was also way way way harder to level up now. For that reason, and that reason alone, they decided to release while the warcraft classic, because people players of this game were begging for it for years and years and years and years. I basically said the game was amazing. When it came out 2004, it was challenging.


The world was a lot more of a threat. It made the game a lot more satisfying when you got to the end level and did the on game content and so on. Whereas now is so easy, it’s ridiculous and they added other features to the game which a lot of players just didn’t pick up on much like the garrison system and things like that. Now talking of the positives of the game, I really enjoy the game, so I’ve always loved World of Warcraft. The reason I stopped is because I played it too much so you can see that on the screen, I’ve got the title Mithra the insane, because whenever I play any MMO I rather than have loads of characters who are mediocre. I have one character and I make it as awesome and epic as possible, so right now like if you look at my reputations tab, they’re, not that great, but back in the day, all the way I put on my son Pandaria. I would be working on stuff to the enth degree. That’S why nearly all of these are capped out in terms of reputations. Each one of these had to give a reputation, for example, to get the title the insane back in classic days. You have to do most of these to exalted. It was very, very hard to do so. That’S why it was a justifiable title of the insane, because I spent a ridiculous amount of time in this game in order to do that. But because I was so focused on one character, then allowed me to do that now.


The good thing about, while the Warcraft is that let’s say you play the game, you don’t know anyone else who plays the game. You’Ll knew you’re a lone wolf whatever. Whatever you want to call yourself, then there is so many features in the game that allow you to play with other players without having to actually interact with anyone. So, for example, there’s a dungeon finder, there’s a looking for raid system, so you can do the dungeons. You can do the raids, you could do nearly anything in the game, the battlegrounds all of it without having to even talk to other players. But if you want to really excel and push the content to the furthest, you can go like mythic content, the hardest raids and so on. Then you will probably need to link up with other players to a certain degree, but it depends how far you get like with any MMO.


It depends how far you get into it now, with every MMO, it’s never too late to get in. While the Warcraft has been out for 15 years, it will probably be out for another Fae, so do not ever think it’s too late to get in and every time there’s an expansion of the game. There’S also a rush. You know there’s also like all the servers will crash, because the amount of players logging in will be insane and so on. Now the story or law behind the game is centered around a conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. The Alliance are the let’s say the humans, the gnomes, the dwarfs the general original races from Azeroth okay. So they are the Alliance. The Horde are actually made up of orcs and other, let’s say, outcast races who are from they were originally from Outland, and then they came over to Azeroth through the Dark Portal and the conflict has been going on for a very very long time. Now. The difference with war, World of Warcraft and the original Warcraft games is that it’s one story, one continuous story, so you can go back through the old Warcraft games to read the old law and it’s relevant to the world of warcraft law, whereas in final fantasy, which I explained in the previous video each Final Fantasy game is a separate story, so they have similarities like you know. They have talked about crystals they’re caught by a fire and so on, but they are all separate, whereas Warcraft and World of Warcraft is all the same. Big world and Blizzard who make World of Warcraft or made Warcraft they have really cultivated.


A very interesting world was a lot of interesting characters. Now the problem is as well as a a lot of these key characters from the past. They’Ve killed them off. You know they made them bosses in in the game so like this Illidan there’s all these bosses who were in the main law of the old Warcraft games, a woman killed off but as a convenient use in the next expansion called Shadowlands you’re gon na visit, the Afterlife of warcraft called the Shadowlands and they said you will be able to offend essentially a link arc with probably every single person you’ve defeated in the past, so it would be their excuse to bring back like all the bosses and all the everyone you’ve ever killed. Now, when I was playing the game back in 2004, like some what 15 years ago, I was in university, I was still in my late teens about to be early 20s and so on, and the community of world of warcraft was very toxic. Very childish, like you know, you tag a mob with someone else, was going for, and you’ll be berated, and so on these days it’s not the case anymore. It does just doesn’t happen anymore. In fact, the game really encourages people to be nice to each other and so on, but I also think that that’s fundamentally down to everyone who played the game originally, who has nostalgic value, has been playing the game for 15 years, they’re, all 15 years older.


You know I mean so you’re not gon na be, hopefully you’re, not gon na act. The same way you did when you were 12, when you were almost Fae. You know I mean so it’s a game which has really really pushed the envelope so many times at the moment, as you can see like some of the areas in in this game at the moment, are very, very quiet, because everyone right now is playing World of Warcraft classic they’re not playing as much of the retail game. So if, if you hear people talk about world of warcraft retail, they mean the main game. If you have that than talking about classic you’re talking about the classic servers of the original content of the original World of Warcraft – and there is a thriving streaming community behind this game – so maybe you’ve seen mention of sodapoppin or has been gold or any of these Huge massive streamers, who called serve a enormous audiences, and they you know they have a really good thing going, just based around World of Warcraft. So sometimes I play other games but most of the audience stemmed from this one game. Now there is a thing for me where I I do sometimes question what would have happened for me for this channel for everything.


If I just stuck to wow, I never played Final Fantasy 14. I was just a WoW player. Who knows what could have happened? Maybe I would have been bigger, maybe I would have been more well-known who knows, but at the same time the reason I decided to change over is because I was playing the game too much on my part now. So I played the game pretty much constantly between classic launched in 2004 and mists of pandaria is launched in like what 2012, or something like that. So, for like eight years straight and after that, I just my brain couldn’t take anymore because, like I said I just played one character, I really always pushed it to the other degree and so on. So I always had. I had a growing desire to just try something else and do something else: cuz as a gamer, I’m always looking for new things. That’S why every single day I’m releasing a new. What is video for a different game or a different franchise, but the reason I wanted to make this video is basically to give recognition and give testament for how great a game World of Warcraft is. So I am hoping to return to World of Warcraft and get level up to level cap before Shadowlands comes out and then I’ll check out Shadowlands. Now there are some people who have this feeling, especially in the 14 community, that it’s almost as if people talk like you can’t like both like.


If you like, 14, you don’t like Wow or vice versa, and I was like I like both simple as that now, but the problem is with mmo’s is their time to play both, probably not, but I do this full-time and I can’t have more than one MMO At a time, so that’s why I barely touch this game. But again my subscription is still active. My subscription is still active for 14, but I’ve not really even touched this game even in this expansion. So you see I’m still level 110. The maximum right now is 120, so, but I think some at some point I will like I said I will level up this there again to get ready for Shadowlands now I did previously make a 14 vs

Wild video and, like I said I reiterate what I said in that video they’re, both great in their own way, PvP and the law is better in this game. The story driven narrative, the graphics, the music is better in 14, but both will give you an amazing experience if you’re looking for an MMO to play now, given its age now like I said this is a 15 year old game, it’s it’s lasted the test of Time very well, it looks great. It doesn’t look amazing, not by today’s standards and by the time the PlayStation 5 or the next generation comes out. Its gon na look like trash, but the thing of this game is: is it’s the fun so, for example, Nintendo games? They’Re not that they don’t graphically. Look amazing, not even at all.


The point is the fun, so this game is fun to play and there is a lot to explore and so on B there is some voice-acted cutscenes, some but they’re sort of few and far between. Whereas there’s a like compared to 14, there’s barely anything, but there is a huge world of the and there’s a lot of characters and because the characters, I would say the character World of Warcraft – are more infamous than they are within 14, for example. But you have your Lich Kings. The office meta fills the brawl surfing Sylvanas. You know these are names which ring true in to probably all gamers, whereas characters like Lois, wah and mint philia, but you’re, probably only gon na know them. If you actually have played 14. You know I mean so that’s the the thing so generally guys. I really like what a Warcraft I would say if you’re interested, if you’ve always wondered about the game, give it a go as with most mmo’s. You can try it for free. You can play it see if you like it, if you have friends who have played it in the past, talk to them see if they’ll play the game with you and so on. Show you around and things like that and generally as well. It’S just the positivity guys simply try it.


You don’t like it. Try something else. There’S thousands of games out there so on, but, like I said, I just wanted to give recognition that this game is great. I really enjoyed my time in this game. I will revisit it do it. You can never really permanently quit any game for me personally unless you’re dead. Quite simply, I’m a gamer for life. I was you know I I was a gamer when I was eight years old, I’m almost 35, I’m gon na still a gamer now I’ll be a game of when I’m 60 plus. So that’s a thing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a gamer. So that’s the that’s the thing. So it’s to answer the question. What is well, the Warcraft World of Warcraft is the greatest MMORPG that ever came out. Simply it has not been outdone. A lot of ml of RPGs have come close and a lot of them copy. The formula but war, the Warcraft, is the greatest simple as that so anyway, guys that’s it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch a random video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,