Winter Veil 2016 in WoW Legion Guide – New Toys!


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick runthrough of what’s happening in Winter Veil 2016. Until January 2nd, you can throw snowballs, collect pets and toys, farm for the Grumpus mount and polish off your holiday achievements. From December 25th until the end of the event, you can open up your gifts under the tree in Ironforge or Orgrimmar to collect a unique 2016 gift. So, what’s actually new this year? We’ve got the Disposable Winter Veil Suits as a new toy this year. Nobody’s seen one yet so it’s almost certainly going to be part of the tree gifts openable after the 25th. Also under the tree, the official 2016 gift is the Endothermic Blaster, which is Mei’s gun from Overwatch. There’s a matching achievement called ‘Brr, it’s Cold in here’ Also new this year, if you run across Greatfeather Winter sledding in Highmountain he’ll give you a one-time present of 500 order resources.

Newly tuned up in Legion, The Abominable Greench boss in Hillsbrad now scales to level. Having said that, he still gets squished in four seconds by the hundred people waiting for him to spawn. Last, stop by the Snowglobe in Legion’s Dalaran to turn into a holiday gnome. You’ll turn back when you walk out and there’s no achievement or anything, but it’s a cute little piece of atmosphere. So if you’re all caught up from previous years, you pretty much just open your presents on the 25th and call it a year. If you’re still missing winter goodies, though, now’s the time to track them down! If you need the Grumpus mount or Grumpling pet, you want to do Draenor dailies. You pick them up in your garrison, do them in Frostfire Ridge to get Merry Supplies, then trade those for theSavage Present which has a low chance to contain the mount. Around the daily area in Frostfire, there’s lootable snow piles can contain the grumpling battle pet. Both the mount and the pet can be bought and sold on the Auction House, so you can farm up some extra gold or pay to not have to go back to Draenor.

Your choice. If you’re short on the holiday pets and toys, I recommend doing the Hillsbrad daily that you pick up in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. It Gets you Stolen Present, which can contain a lot of stuff. At least Nine different toys can drop from this – two ragdolls, a foot ball, three crashin’ thrashin’ controllers, a train set,a train wrecker, and a pigskin. There’s also Rocket Bots, Winter Helper pets and Lumpy the coal pet to collect. The best way to find out what you’re missing in pets and toys is to open the appropriate journal and type ‘winter veil’. Last, if you’ve never gotten the Merry Maker title, now’s the time to do it. The meta achievement will have you eating holiday foods, dancing with snowmen in Dalaran and racking up honor kills as Winter Helper gnome.

You’ll need the achievement for What a Long, Strange Trip it’s been if you’re working on the Violet Proto drake. And that’s Winter Veil 2016! I hope you all have a jolly holiday with some nice memories to finish the year with. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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