World Of Warcraft 7 Days of Rewards From Mission Tables In Shadowlands On 8 lvl 60’s! By: Zanzarful


Hello again! some of you might have seen my post about Mission Tables 1 week ago that went into me planning out how I wanted to collect information on my mission tables and the future of a challenge that I’m currently working on.

Well! Now that’s It’s been a week my Spreadsheet now has 7 days full of data that’s very interesting to look at because now I have actual numbers that I can use for avg’s.

Overall I’m pretty excited to finally have some data infront of me that I can have in mind when i work further on my challenge for setting up 50 characters.
For any other people considering getting into this, 9.1.5 is bring a ton of changes that will make this whole process a lot easier so be on the lookout for that!

If you do all the missions you can, the mission tables CANNOT self-sustain… BUT! this can be worked out with doing shaping fate and doing the biggest anima world quests you can find once every 1-2 weeks to fully sustain how much anima is used on the table daily per character!
Additionally doing shaping fate will reward you with 2k reputation + 3-5k raw gold + 5 korthite crystals and some other junk, so overall probably a pretty good idea!

It takes me around 1-3 minutes to collect and send out new missions per character so taking that into consideration it’s quite a lot of time infront of the mission table once I get to 50 characters! But the rewards seem very worth it so far!

As mentioned on my other post I told you guys i was planning on making an ultimate guide on Youtube for setting up fresh lvl 60’s with the mission table, this video will be made once 9.1.5 is out considering the fact that the patch is bringing in a lot of very impactful changes for alts and how quickly you can setup new characters!

Remember to checkout the Spreadsheet for yourself if you haven’t yet!


Daily avg Anima spending per chararacter

665 Anima

Daily avg Anima gained back per character

315 Anima

Daily avg Raw Gold gained per character

1697 Gold

Daily avg Reputation gained per character

1018 Reputation

Daily avg Augment Runes gained per character

6 Augment Runes

Daily avg Pet Charms gained per character

30 Pet Charms

Daily avg Material Bags gained per character

5 Material Bags

I decided to not open the material bags and figure out the overall value because the materials have very different prices dependant on server, so that’s up for you guys that are interested in this yourselves to figure out.


ANIMA –> 17642 (Need for Missions)

RAW GOLD –> 95058 Gold Value

REPUTATION –> 57050 / 22800 Gold Value (Paragon boxes reward 3-5k Raw Gold)

AUGMENT RUNES –> 341 / 68200 Gold Value (200g avg for my server)

POLISHED PET CHARMS –> 1729 / 85000 Gold Value (Through bought pets like the Baublewyrm for 10 charms)

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