World Of Warcraft Alliance Mining and Blacksmithing (1-300) guide from noob for noobs :) By: loginprzyklad



    Yesterday I’ve finished leveling my Mining and Blacksmithing up to lv. 300. I was struggling a bit at first but now that I know how to do it I thought I’ll share some thoughts on that to maybe help someone out. It is mostly for alliance since I didn’t play as horde yet so I do not know the pathings and maps.
This might not be the most efficient guide since I was doing it for the first time ever so feel free to suggest changes. Also please keep in mind it is my first guide ever to anything.

I was doing all of it on Eastern Kingdoms.

Tips (IMO they make this whole process a lot simpler and quicker):
  • Flying Mount – Speeds up the process a lot, if you can afford the max level flying upgrade (4750g i think) then go for it. I didn’t have that much cash so I skipped buying the max upgrade but if you can just buy it!

  • GatherMate2 – An add-on that will help you out with mining. It nodes all the ores found along the way so you can minimize waste of your time on locations where you won’t find anything.

  • Character lv. ± 45 – It doesn’t have to be exactly this level, I just did it on my lv. 45 protection paladin and what’s cool is that I could basically one shot every mob that started attacking me during the process of mining, it saves a lot of time.

  • Set your Hearthstone to Inn in Dwarven District in Stormwind – Makes going back to city much faster and in Dwarven District you will find everything you need for those professions.

  • Activate flying points along the way – That is a thing I didn’t think about and I wish i did. Believe me it will make your life easier. After you go back to the city believe me you will not want to fly back again to all the locations on your own, it is much better to just go to flying point in Stormwind and fly from there.

  • TSM – Addon which will make crafting easier.


Alright so here we go. Mining helps a lot with leveling Blacksmithing so keep that in mind when farming resources.

What you will need to mine (those numbers will be quite high but I’m adding all the resources together so after you will mine all of that, you will have enough to make both professions up to 300):

190x – Copper Ore 90x – Tin Ore 10x – Silver Ore 280x – Iron Ore 20x – Gold Ore 362x – Mithril Ore 15x – Truesilver Ore 428x – Thorium ore 80x – Dark Iron Ore

Note: Silver, Gold and Truesilver Ores are rare ones, mine them whenever you see them.

Things you need but will drop from mining anyways (no need to look for them specifically, they will come along the way):

12x – Star Ruby 125x – Rough Stone 56x – Coarse Stone 105x – Heavy Stone 20x – Solid Stone 20x – Dense Stone

That seems like much but as I said it will provide you with all the resources needed for blacksmithing.

Places to farm (I’m not including pathing, that’s what GatherMate 2 is for):

  • Copper Ore: Elwynn Forest

  • Tin Ore and Silver Ore: Hillsbrand Foothills (You will find some iron here too)

  • Iron Ore and Gold Ore: Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands

  • Mithril Ore: Burning Steppes (You will find some Mithril in Eastern Plaguelands, so pick it up while farming Iron and Gold Ore there)

  • Truesilver Ore: Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands and Swamp of Sorrows (This is something you will collect along the way while farming other ores, no need to make like a special pathing for this one)

  • Thorium ore: Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted lands

  • Dark Iron Ore: Blackrock Mountain (Go to the Blackwing Descent Raid and try to find your way to Molten Core, it’s the best place to farm this Ore, also kill mobs inside, they also drop some Dark Iron Ore).

Smelting (Do not sell the bars, all those number are approximate – it is what you need, smelt more if you have more or check the prices if it is not better to sell the extra). You’ll need to go to the teacher to learn smelting for different levels:

  1. 190 Copper Ore -> 190 Copper Bars

  2. 90 Tin Ore -> 90 Tin Bars

  3. 90 Tin Bars + 90 Copper bars -> 180 Bronze Bars

  4. 10 Silver Ore -> 10 Silver Bars

  5. 280 Iron Ore -> 280 Iron Bars

  6. 50 Iron Ore + 50 Coal (Buy from Blacksmithing Supplier) -> 50 Steel Bars

  7. 20 Gold Ore -> 20 Gold Bars

  8. 362 Mithril Ore -> 362 Mithril Bars

  9. 15 Truesilver Ore -> 15 Truesilver Bars

  10. 428 Thorium Ore -> 428 Thorium bars

You should be lv. 290 EASY by this point. Now let’s get to 290-300.

Smelting Dark Iron Ore. You can’t do that in the city, you’ll need to go to Blackrock Mountain -> Blackwing Descent Raid.

  1. As soon as you enter there is a Drilling Machine on your right (just hover your mouse over the objects, you will see that you can use it).

  2. Choose the “Just past The Grim Guzzler” dialogue option (it will teleport you further into the dungeon, you will save some time).

  3. Go to the first entrance on your right after teleporting and continue until you get to the room with Dwarves NPC standing there (It displays on the map as place for boss “The Seven”.

  4. On your right you should find a guy named Gloom’rel. Talk to him, click the dialogue “Tell me your secrets!”. He will tell you about a sacrifice you need to make and will spawn a Chalice on his side.

  5. Click on the Chalice and sacrifice (after you do it you’ll get Smelting Dark Iron knowledge): 20x Gold Bar 10x Truesilver Bar 2x Star Ruby

  6. Go and activate the boss, then kill it (You need to talk to one of the Dwarves to activate it, I do not remember which one, then 7 of them will start attacking you, but since you are somewhere around 45 lv you can one shot easy everyone of them).

  7. The door will open, go through it.

  8. After you go through the door walk for a while and you will find a bridge with 3 mobs standing on it. Go to the left and you will find the forge where you can smelt the Dark Iron Ore. Smelt all yo got.

  9. Congrats on lv. 300!


Now go back to the city, now you should have all the resources you need to hit lv. 300 in it.

What you will need apart from what you got:

  • 35 Green Dye (Sold at tailoring supplier)

  • 144 Mageweave Cloth (You probably will have some dropped, I suggest buying rest of it from Auction House, it is not very expensive)

  • Learn new crafting recipes when you hit certain levels from the teacher, he is just next to the anvil.

Create in order:

  1. (1-25) 25x Rough Sharpening Stone (need 25 Rough Stone)

  2. (25-65) 50x Rough Grinding Stone (need 100 Rough stone)

  3. (65-75) 16x Coarse Sharpening Stone (need 16 Coarse Stone)

  4. (75-90) 20x Coarse Grinding Stone (need 40 Coarse Stone)

  5. (90-100) 10x Runed Copper Belt (need 100 Copper Bar)

  6. (100-105) 7x Silver Skeleton Key (need 7 Silver Bar + 14 Rough Grinding Stone)

  7. (105-110) 5x Rough Bronze Leggins (need 30 Bronze Bar)

  8. (110-125) 15x Rough Bronze Shoulders (need 75 Bronze Bar + 15 Coarse Grinding Stone)

  9. (125-140) 35x Heavy Grinding Stone (need 105 Heavy Stone)

  10. (140-145) 5x Rough Bronze Shoulders (need 25 Bronze Bar + 5 Coarse Grinding Stone)

  11. (145-155) 10x Patterned Bronze Bracers (need 50 Bronze Bar + 20 Coarse Grinding Stone)

  12. (155-165) 10x Green Iron Leggins (need 80 Iron Bar + 10 Heavy Grinding Stone + 10 Green Dye)

  13. (165-190) 25x Green Iron Bracers (need 150 Iron Bar + 25 Green Dye)

  14. (190-200) 10x Golden Scale Bracers (need 50 Steel Bar + 20 Heavy Grinding Stone)

  15. (200-210) 20x Solid Sharpening Stone (need 20 Solid Stone)

  16. (210-225) 15x Heavy Mithril Gauntlet (need 90 Mithril Bar + 60 Magewave Cloth)

  17. (225-236) 11x Mithril Scale Pants (need 132 Mithril Bar)

  18. (236-250) 14x Mithril Coif (need 140 Mithril Bar + 84 Mageweave Cloth)

  19. (250-260) 20x Dense Sharpening Stone (need 20 Dense Stone)

  20. (260-276) 16x Thorium Bracers (need 128 Thorium Bar)

  21. (276-290) 15x Imperial Plate Bracers (need 180 Thorium Bar)

  22. (290-300) 10x Thorium Helm (need 120 Thorium Bar + 10 Star Ruby)

Now you should be at level 300. Keep in mind that some of the stages might require more or less crafting, it seems like it depends on your luck sometimes how much points will you get for crafting items.

I guess that’s all. If you have some any suggestions let me know in the comments!

Have a good day! Let me know if you found it any useful.

Also credits, two sites where I learned from, they worked for me so i decided to merge them and write in the way how I did it:

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