World Of Warcraft Arms Warrior vs Frost Mage Duel Guide By: SilentDK


Hello, my name is Haytham. I recently made a video that highlights how I duel vs frost mages as an arms warrior.

I know it is pre patch so a lot of the pace of duels will be much slower in Shadowlands (No Essences, Azerite or Nyaloth’a raid trinkets). I think some of these principles / general strategies still hold regardless of being in pre-patch or not so I figured i’d post something that may be useful.

Key Mage Abilities:

  1. Icy Veins – 3 min cd

    1. 30% haste for 20 seconds

    2. Can be talented into “Ice Form” – 1 Min CD, increases frost bolt damage by 30% + stun immunity

  2. Frozen Orb – 1 min cd

    1. AOE Slow area that grants the mage instant cast damage procs

  3. Ray of frost – 1.25 min cd (channeled)

    1. Ice beam slow that increases over time and at the mid point and end point of the channel grants the mage 1 instant cast damage proc (2 total)

  1. Blink – 15 sec cd

    1. 20 Yard teleport, usable while stunned, removes stuns & bonds

    2. Can be talented into “Shimmer” 25 sec recharge, 2 charges

      1. Can be cast while casting does not usable while stunned

  2. Ice block – 4 min cd

    1. Mage goes immune for 10 seconds, upon exiting ice block mage is unable to ice block again for 30 seconds

  3. Ice Barrier – 25 sec cd

    1. Shield for 20% of mages HP, additionally slows melee attackers by 50%

  4. Cold Snap – 5 min cd

    1. Resets cooldown on Frost Nova, Ice Barrier, Cone of Cold, and Ice Block

  1. Polymorph – no cooldown

    1. Incapacitates enemy for 8 seconds, “heals them to full during the duration”

  2. Frost Nova – 30 sec cd

    1. 8 second root cast in a 12 yard radius around the mage

  3. Freeze – 25 sec cd

    1. 8 second root Mage’s water elemental special ability, 45 yard range same as frost nova but ranged

  4. Ice Nova – 25 sec cd

    1. 2 second root, used for damage and disruption

  5. Ring of Frost – 45 sec cd

    1. Creates void zone where if anyone touches the edge they will be incapacitated for 8 seconds, once the effect resolves you are then slowed for 65% for 4 seconds. Shares diminishing returns with polymorph.

Strategy as Arms Warrior VS. Frost Mage

  1. Take the talent double time over storm bolt

  2. Use avatar and bladestorm to break frost nova / pet nova

  3. Sit in defensive stance the whole game unless actively bursting

  4. Keep deep wounds and a hamstring up at all times

  5. Use piercing howl to counter cone of cold

  6. Trinket polymorph if you get sheep’d

  7. Save heroic leap after the mage blinks twice

  8. Hold pummel until the mage is roughly 40% and kick frost, this will enable you to kill the mage before he can ice block since he’s locked out of block during an interrupt (mage can get around this by using cold snap while locked out)

  9. Use die by the sword when the mage uses icy veins / frozen orb to mitigate the most damage

  10. Cast shattering throw when the mage ice blocks

Hopefully this guide makes sense, let me know if you have any questions. There is more detail + duel footage linked in the video above.

Thanks for reading,


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