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World Of Warcraft Cataclysm 80-85 Leveling Tips [Cataclysm Leveling Guide]


Cataclysm Leveling Guide – Vashj’Ir Leveling Guide With Cataclysm around the corner the ideal of needing a leveling guide to get form 1 to 85, or even from 80-85 as quickly as possible will be on everyone’s mind. When Wrath of the Lich King was released the race to be the first, or among the first to level to 80 was in full swing and aside from the handful of people with a dedicated team helping them to grind to 80, the fastest path to level was via questing.

Questing comes with its inherent drawbacks, chief among them being the need for a quest route and information on quests. This is typically where wow leveling guides come into play, providing information on quests as well as a route you can use to accomplish all your quests as quickly and efficiently as possible. What will leveling in Cataclysm be like? The truthful answer is no one is really that sure at this point. The reason being that the entire landscape of the level 1-60 zones along with some of the 60+ zones are going to be changed, in other words cities you know and love will be gone and zones you have quested in for years will be unrecognizably altered.

So the question is, “how can you use a wow leveling guide when EVERYTHING is going to be changed? The answer is what we are all waiting for. Zygor leveling guides has always been on the forefront of the guide community. During the release of WOTLK Zygor guides provided a date of release guide that, while not 100% accurate, provided a means of leveling unsurpassed by any other guide giving it’s customers detailed quest paths, step by step instructions and a LARGE taxi cab type arrow to point you to your next destination. Zygor will undoubtedly be on the forefront of that battle once again.

Since leveling in Cataclysm is going to be brand new, how effective can a guide be? The simple answer is that it will provide you with more information than 90% of the general wow population. Prior to the release date Blizzard will be using beta testing, which near all cataclysm leveling guide providers will have access to, this means that while everyone is out there enjoying the game, Zygor Guides and other Cataclysm guide vendors will be racing through the beta release tracking quests, mapping quests and gearing up their Cataclysm guides to provide what will undoubtedly be some of the most details help available for a whole new World. Will Cataclysm Leveling Guides Provide Help for Worgen and Goblin starter zones? The answer here is an resounding yes, in fact getting from levels 1-15 in these new zones will most likely be the simplest things to accomplish in the game…barring immensely overpopulated zone.

Should I wait to get a Cataclysm Leveling Guide? As you cannot FIND a cataclysm leveling guide just yet waiting is the only option you have. However, it would be wise to take advantage of this time to level up any alts you might have. Leveling Alts is made 100% easier and done more quickly (average 7 days) with a leveling guide. Zygor Guides will be providing free updates to their 1-80 leveling guides once the changes from Cataclysm take effect on the 1-60 zones, this will be your last time to see many of the places Zygor Guides will be able to lead you before the release of Cataclysm.

Will Cataclysm Guides come with Vashj’ir zone quests? Absolutely, now cataclysm guide would be complete without the new Sunken City zone, it can be expected for all players to do a large portion of their leveling in this new zone..

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