World Of Warcraft Complete Shadowlands Tailoring Gold Guide + Grim Veiled Rank Spreadsheet!! By: ModestMillions


Hey everyone !!! So just put together my complete (so far) gold guide for tailoring in shadowlands!! I focus on the the items that will have good sale rates and good profits. And I also put together a spread sheet!! It has all the Grim-Veiled tailoring item all you need to do is save a copy of the spreadsheet and then edit it to your servers prices for materials and what the different ranks are selling for! Once you update that I will show you which ranks are a loss and which are profit and how much!! Hopefully this helps everyone out!!


Grim-Veiled Spreadsheet:


So let’s talks out the best items selling currently what you should be working on and what you can expect for leveling your legendaries ranks.

  1. So of course BAGS!! With shrouded cloth prices tanking these are a consistent seller . Most profit is in the 30 slot bags currently because of the shrouded cloth prices. With enchanted silk price jump due to legendaries being in high demand most servers are a loss on the 32 slot lightless pouch. Just check your server and watch when the hype dies down and start making and posting the 32 slot bags once it’s ok for your server.

  2. 151 Base Shadowlace gear!! This is a great quick seller . These sell super super fast right now because everyone is trying to fill gaps in gear and gear Alts. Profits are slim but sales are fast so just check your prices.

  3. 168 gear with rank 2 crafters mark!! Ok so if you take anything away from this pay attention here!! GRIND YOUR VENARI MAW REP DAILY!! If your some of the first on your server to hit cordial then you will have the ability to make the base 151 gear into 168 gear!! On my server these items are selling for 9-20k or more each and climbing since mythic release!

  4. Pink party hat!! This is a small flip item but with the investment it’s great pocket change. Currently I’m selling 2-3 a day easy crafts cost around 30g to make and sell consistently for 80-150g. Check out the video I have the farming location in there to get the pink party hat pattern. Burning extracts and Animated plagues in maldraxxus are the best!! Got my pattern in around 6 min farming.

  5. And finally Grim Veiled items!! So use the spreadsheet above!! All you need to do is make a copy for yourself. And edit the cost of materials to your server . Then put your servers sale price of each rank. It will calculate your servers profit per craft for each rank. But keep in mind on almost ALL SERVERS TAKE A LOSS ON LEVELING RANK 1!!! It’s your initial investment. After that most start seeing steep profits !! Rank 4 crafts are selling ridiculously fast right now!!

Hopefully this helps everyone out!! Enjoy the video and the spreadsheet!! And Happy Goldmaking!!

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