World Of Warcraft Guide to RBGs from a 2487 rated By: PropeSum



To start off with I have never really done any PvP besides during BC, Wrath and MoP and even that was casual. Here just a bit over a month ago I noticed I got BiS items as a guardian druid from RBG’s. So, I thought: “why not dabble a bit in it”. And so, I did. Here I am just a bit over a month later, never done RBGs before this, and im sitting at 2487cr at this very moment (gunning for HotH). Those are my current “credentials” so to speak. But here is my short guide to success:

I’m going to start off by just saying quickly: Make your own teams. You have control of who is in it and who is not. Try going to some communities and pick people up from there. But generally, try to build your own teams. And find your niche. It might not always be what is meta, but if you understand the win conditions, you can win where you are not supposed to.

First ill be going through some fundamentals that I believe a lot are missing or don’t fully understand. I don’t believe this is true for when are getting to 2500cr+ ish, but it can carry you to 2400cr as it did me. When you build a team, more than anything, you need two very important personalities: The Shot Caller and the Target Caller. These can be the same person, but to make it more effective I advise you to get two people. I did this solo as a tank all the way to 2300, and even now I sometimes still have to do both. So, if you can, find a buddy who can do one and you do the other. It is really taxing mentally to do both and be consistent doing both.

The Shot Caller: This is, in my opinion, the most important role. Being able to see where the enemy is, where your allies are to go etc. You will be micromanaging the team. This is a very taxing role and if you are a healer, I generally advise against you doing this but help the Shot Caller when you can. This is a role mostly for Rogues / Tanks who are afk at bases and can keep checking up on the enemies. You have to keep track of 9 other monkeys on your team (not including yourself).

The Target Caller: Not a complicated role, but for some reason people don’t know how to do this even at 2400cr. You can do this as a defender, but it is not optimal. You can’t see the exact location of enemies, their health, your teammates position etc. The targets you have to call really depends on your team. Ill go more in depth when I get to team comps. Most importantly, if this is your role, generally you will be a melee and additionally: SPEAK LOUD AND CLEARLY SO EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU. IF YOU DO NOT THE 5 OTHER DPS MONKIES MIGHT IGNORE YOU AND NOT DO AS YOU SAY. Or that is what it feels like when the TC is not very loud or commanding.

Now for the “fun” stuff: Classes and Team Compositions. Earlier I told you to find a niche, and I still stick to that belief. But there are some fundamentals about certain comps that you have to remember.

Classes: Ill be going through each role and the main classes for tank and healers being played and giving a short about them.

Right now, 2 tanks dominate the meta. Guardian Druid and Vengeance Demon Hunter. You can get to 2100cr and even higher as other tanks, its just going to be a lot harder (got to 2000cr on my paladin as a tank, can’t advise).

Guardian Druids: In my opinion this is the best tank overall. Specifically, if the Guardian Druid in question has the Legacy of the Sleeper Legendary. This will do so their already extremely good CD “Incarnation” has a shorter CD and it makes you immune to crowd control (CC). Additionally, with the Brambles Talents (Level 15 talent 1), you can stop enemies from capturing against you for 12 seconds, because they will keep taking damage when near you. They CC you -> wait 3-4 tops 5 seconds -> Barkskin (12seconds) -> They CC you + wait 3-4 tops 5 seconds -> Trinket + Incarnation (30 seconds) -> They CC you + wait 3-4 tops 5 seconds. That’s over a full minute of stopping people from capping. MORE Than enough time for your team to send some help. For more defensive options on CTF maps like Warsong Gulch, one can use the PvP trinket -> Incarnation for a big health boost and making your Frenzy Regeneration heal for like 10k+hps. You become almost unkillable for 20+seconds. For some good dps if you go Heart of the Wild (Level 35 talent 3) (can also be boosted a bit by Master Shapeshifter PvP talent but not needed) -> Convoke in Boomie form, you essentially become a mini Boomie and can actually one-shot enemies from time to time. They will never see it coming (and no they don’t even at 2400cr+).
Another good thing about Guardian Druid is if you can change into Boomie spec. This will essentially give your team an extra DPS on some maps. I HAVE YET TO DO THIS AS I DO NOT HAVE BOOMIE LEGENDARY SO DONT FRET IT DOESNT MATTER.

Vengeance DH: I feel like DH is more durable than Druids. They do not suffer from having to stay in a specific form to be tanky. They are just always tanky. If a Druid goes out of bear form, he is suspectable to getting one-shot easily. You do not struggle in this department. You are always tank and even tankier when using the Soulshape. I do not play DH but I feel like it really struggles to hold points by themselves. Often, I see DH get ninja capped where Guardian Druids just don’t fail to hold the line. Though I do believe in CTF (again like warsong gulch), DH is the superior class. Being able to weave into Havoc for some maps is very useful – ESPECIALLY if you are going a range spell cleave comp.

Healers: 3 healers are seen being picked predominantly at this moment. Discipline priest, Restoration Shaman and Holy Paladin. Holy Priest and Restoration Druid can be seen occasionally, but they do lack in both consistent healing and defensives. A good Restoration Druid can do some serious healing though and be a scary force to be reckoned with. Mistweavers are currently the bottom of the barrel. Easy to interrupt and then follow up into a kill.

Holy Paladin: Holy Paladins are the bread and butter. In my opinion you MUST have at least one of these. For so many maps, not having a Holy Paladin, can really screw you big time. Especially on the CTF, and not having 100% Sacrificial Pact. They healing output is consistent and they almost never run out of mana so they can stay in the fight for ages. Their biggest weakness is themselves. Being immobile and only having a few defensives options makes you susceptible to getting pummelled into the ground. Your positioning is key and being bad at that may just kill your team. With aura mastery you also get 8 sweet seconds of non interruptible casting (convoke city) making it even more essential for range cleave comps.

Disc Priest: Disc Priest is a must as well in my opinion. Having 2 is the “meta” but going one is definitely a big help. Their boop (knocking people away) makes them a deadly force on maps like Eye of the Storm and puts the cross on the T in the defensive situations on the Roof of Warsong Gulch. Their barrier is one of the best defensive options for multiple people and their healing / shield output makes them stand above all in the RBG healers. Their biggest weakness is their mana. If you tunnel a Disc Priest, they run out of it like a child with candy in front of them. If they are Venthyr, the Mind Games spell is probably the most busted and overpowered spell at this very moment. Using it on a Guardian Druid who is at 45% health, then making them fall below 40% forcing their Frenzy Regen. Have a fun damage party. The pull from priest is also very nice to have for when covering large areas of movement through enemies.

Restoration Shaman: Restoration Shaman is a solid healer to have. Their totems give a lot of utility and defensive options. One of their best spells (which is 100% underutilized) is their hex. But they just bring that bit less to the table compared to the Disc Priest. Their sustain AOE healing is definitely better and so is their self-defence. But that will only get you so far. The difference between a good Shaman and a bad one is also very noticeable – just like with the Holy Paladin. Sadly, they don’t bring a 100% Sacrificial Pact to the table to make them dethrone the must have Holy Paladin.

DPS: For DPS it is very, VERY hard to go wrong in the city. The only specs I advise against going is: Arcane Mage, BM + Survival Hunter, Demonology Warlock and Fury Warrior (they do see their cheese but not worth it overall). Every other class I have seen and used. The class I use the least besides those is Frost Mage and Marksman Hunters. I’m a permanent tank so do not need an extra option for defence except my rogue. For DPS I’m more interested in talking about a few comps and what comps I have used and had success with. But before that one minor thing: Bring a rogue. Just one. You can go more but one is enough if you have a tank. They bring so much to the table. Being a stable at defending and ninja capping. Their smoke bomb and their potential to one-shot a flag carrier. I could go on and on. Bring one. Compositions: AS SAID EARLIER THERE WILL BE A ROGUE IN EVERY COMP: Meta Comp (range cleave): Currently this is the comp I believe is probably the best comp. The biggest problem with this comp (and every other comp) is that you need a Target Caller who does his job well. Knows how fast he can swap targets et: 1x Rogue + 1x Lock (I have had more success with Destro but that might just be because my destro is fat af) + 2x Boomie (or 1x mage) + 1x Warrior + 1x Retribution Paladin (trying with mage instead but feel like 1 melee lacks). This comp will get the job done. This is the comp I am mainly running atm (with mage instead of 2x boomie). It is consistent on every map and if I could go boomie spec occasionally it would be even more consistent. There is not a single map you lose unless you get outplayed.

Melee Cleave: Melee cleave is my bread and butter. I have been told countless times I am trolling when I go this comp but still, I have a 70%-win ratio with it. For this comp I like to go: Rogue + Affliction (for perma slows) + Warrior + Enhancement Shaman (yes you heard right) + Retribution Paladin + WW Monk / Havoc DH / DK (in that order). This is the melee comp. Often the objective with melee comp is to tunnel the enemy healers. Every single DPS (besides Affliction who is more there to slow) can swap in an instant. Even a tank sitting on the other side of the map can Target Call with this comp. It is the most fool proof comp and works even at 2400cr+ (just here a few days ago I was winning against 2600cr teams with this). The damage will never be as high as range cleave, but the kill potential (as far as I have noticed) is more consistent. You call to kill the enemy holy paladin? Enemy warrior next to him dies??? Profit.

Mana Drain: This is a comp I used a lot when I began climbing. I still think it can be viable, but you need 2-3 boomies to drain the enemy mana and then kill them: 1x Rogue + 1x Lock (again both work) + 3x Boomie + 1x DH / Warrior.

Already written over 2000 words and don’t want to continue as this is a long talk one can have. If you have question do ask in the comments and I will try and answer as fast as possible . I hope this short guide helped a bit. Couldn’t really go into detail with maps etc as that would be a book worth of words.


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