World Of Warcraft How to sim your character using Raidbots to improve your dps By: SilentDK


Hello, my name is Haytham and I wanted to make a post that highlighted how I Sim my character using Raidbots.

I created a video on this topic that goes into more detail should you want it.

For context I am a current gladiator (2x) and Cutting Edge Raider (World 666)

I’ve often noticed when someone asks for if X trinket is better than Y trinket a lot of the responses in class discords and other community areas have always been “sim your character” or something along those lines. This post will hopefully be helpful to those unsure of how to sim or just looking to learn something new.


  1. Understanding

  2. Preparation

  3. How to Sim

  4. Stat Weights


  1. A “Sim” is simply a simulation of your characters DPS output based on its gear, talents, and borrowed power selections

  2. The act of simming and adjusting your gear/talents/enchants etc will help ensure your character has their best foot forward in any PvE Raid/M+ dungeon you are trying to complete

  3. Also sometimes the guides from icy veins / wowhead can be a bit too general and will not account for what your character has. A sim allows you to tailor your loadout for your character that suits it best.

  4. Sims are also really easy to do, so it’s a low barrier to entry in my opinion


  1. The first thing you need is the SimulationCraft addon. Once installed you can type the command /simc in game to pull open a text window that contains all your characters information. Simply copy it using Control+C

  2. Go to the website

  3. Simulation Settings

    1. Fight Style

      1. Typically I stick to patchwerk (target dummy dps)

    2. Number of Bosses

      1. Here you can play around with what type of fight encounter, IE 2 target boss is 2 bosses, 5 targets could simulate an aoe situation for a sustained period of time

    3. Fight Length

      1. Use this to more easily simulate a typical encounter, 5 Min for raids and according to Dratnos he suggests 1min30sec + 5 targets to simulate a m+ setting.

  4. How to read sim results

    1. Generally if you sim a combination and that number is the highest you should typically use that gear. It is important you adjust your sim settings to reflect the type of encounter that works for you

How to Sim

  1. Top Gear Sim (I use this whenever i get a new piece of gear)

    1. Top Gear sim allows you to see which gear combination of your currently equipped and gear in your bags is the most optimal from a DPS perspective. These sims usually take longer to run but are usually the most accurate for your character

    2. To run this sim go to and then click “Top Gear” then paste the data from your Simulationcraft Addon in the open text box area, select the gear you want to sim, select the settings and then run the sim!

    3. In top gear you can actually adjust enchants, gems, talents, and borrowed power as well

  2. Droptimizer Sim (I personally only use this early on in a raid tier)

    1. Droptimizer sims allow you to see what drops from what type of content are ideal for your character

    2. To run this sim go to and then click “Droptimizer” then paste the data from your Simulationcraft Addon in the open text box area select the PvE environment you want to test gear from like “Castle Nathria” and the difficulty of the raid and then run the sim!

Stat Weights

  1. Stat Weights are essentially how much DPS your character gains per point of that given stat. IE a stat weight of 6.95 on Strength would mean that you would increase your DPS by 6.95 per 1 additional strength.

  2. I personally do not value stat weights generally, they constantly change based on what gear you are wearing and are more of a trailing indicator than a indicator of what you should gear next. Sticking with top gear is definitely more accurate in my opinion.

In conclusion this is how I sim my character to set my character up for success in WoW based on the content I like doing. If I have missed anything please let me know in the comments below, I appreciate it!.

Disclaimer: This is not a definitive guide to all types of simming, just things that I have found useful that could be helpful for others.


Haytham – Kil’jaeden

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