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World Of Warcraft How to take full advantage of the pre patch event as an altoholic!


I been asked by a few people, messaged on reddit, and a few personal buddies told me to put a small tip guide to help people gear quickly during pre patch. So I guess I’m here, anyways, I’ve had alot of success doing this method in pre patch and I reccomend it to whoever wants to gear fast and multiple character. Now I dont make guides that often, but it seems alot of people seem mad about the spawn rates of rares, and general lack of content this pre patch has, but hopefully this helps out with the gear aspect. Anyways I’m gonna get into it.

Now what you will need is multiple character (its an alcoholics guide after all) , multiple different wearers (cloth, leather, mail, plate). Personally I leveled 10 classes in pre patch, so I had 10 classes to spare to do this strategy. I’ve already got 2 fully geared, and 2 halfway geared, and 4 others with a few pieces on them all using this method and just doing 6 hours for 2 days.

Here’s the steps.

  1. Try to get 1 of each wearer into icecrown to stay 4 characters total (if you only have 2-3 people you can do this, but it wont be as efficient).

2.download add ons rarescanner or handynotes:scourge event, and probably shadowlands handynotes along with it. These are to track times on last killed boss, and it will show you who is up next with a purple skull.

3.get at least 1 character to start killing rares, after killing the first rare, find the next rare location, go there, and log out. Due to all these rares having a set spawn time on every server, and every phase is also the same time. You can plan accordingly without misplacing your character at the wrong spawn.

4. You have 18 mins(20 mins actually, but gives you time to switch and forsure be there for the kill). What you will do is prepare whoever you need to get geared next, watch the timer, or set one. This should be enough time to do the introduction quest, and get to nathanos(sometimes enough to kill in that time, but if not, just log out, rare should be up soon )

5.switch back to the other character and kill boss, then rehop on the other character and kill nathanos, and get to icecrown.

6. You should now have 2 characters in icecrown to kill rares with.

7. Now, this is where it gets a bit fun. Let’s say the next boss has 2 cloth drops(addons help here), and a plate piece(not sure if there a boss with these drops, but this is just for example). You leveled a plate and a cloth, use the cloth character, fly him to the boss, log out, put on timer(or just log back on at :20 :40 :00). Reason why you choose the one with more drops for a single character is because there are chances during this event to have multi drops, personally have gotten 2 items off one boss TWICE now.

8.start working on next character and repeat the process of watching timer and killing nathanos, and focus getting the toon to icecrown. this toon should be mail or leather or whatever you are missing thats not in icecrown yet.

9. Dont buy any gear from the vendor at all, this will screw you over incase you get a drop of that same gear slot, save it until you can fully just buy what you are missing, that way you dont waste currency.

10. If you have all your alts you wanna work on in icecrown, start doing dailies in between, then do the same method of hopping back on characters before the bosses spawn(of course, the character that benefits more).

11. If you have every wearer, you can also do the introduction on other characters(same way I told you too), to prepare for the next rotation. You should do this on somebody that fully nobody else benefits from or already has that piece of gear from that boss. For instance, a fury warrior can have 2 2 handers, and trollgore drops a 2 hander and something else. Since some people have been getting one handers from nathanos from a weird bug, this could help out a bit. Since most people should have there weapons, and weapons drop, you can use it on characters that need the extra weapon(dual wielders mostly). I’ve personally had luck with this with the enhancement shaman I got fully geared from 53-98 by just doing bosses that work best with him, got the fist weapon, I could’ve waited another week for nathanos, but nah.

This may not seem like a too insane strategy, but the friends that are doing this with me seem to have the same luck I do, a drop 1/3 of the time, because there are chances for multiple items to drop off that same boss.

Being able to choose who will have the biggest benefit from that boss is huge in this event, since some bosses dont drop anything for your character besides tokens, getting a character that actually benefits will be extremely useful. I’ve kill probably about 2 rotations(40+ bosses probably) and the gearing is looking pretty successful so far.

Some people possibly already found out about this strategy, some people just might not have multiple alts. In that case, the alternative would be to level up other characters in between with questing while waiting for bosses, or mount farm, either way, you do not have to afk your life away during this event, but hopefully they increase spawn rates soon because this strategy will be really insane in that case.

Hopefully this guide helps some of you, and if anybody else tried this method or similar, tell me how it went for you.

Peace and love, and happy alt farming!


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