World Of Warcraft TBC Classic Phase 2 Hunter BIS Gear, Enchants, Gems & Alternatives


Tbc classic phase 2 is almost here, so the time has come to make sure you know your classes best in slot gear for phase 2.. Today we’re looking at hunters covering both beastmaster and survival specs. As usual, i’ve created a spreadsheet with the best in slot item. Name the next best alternative, where the items come from the gems and enchants you’ll want to use and a link to the wowhead database i’ll, be updating the spreadsheet, as i make my way through each class, so feel free to share with friends and guildies.

And if you spot something that i’ve missed drop a comment down below, so i can update as needed and finally like the video to help me out and of course, subscribe for more tbc, classic content. Oh and survival hunters there’s only a few differences for you compared to beast masters, so we’re going to roll through all of bm’s gear then cover your differences at the end with that said, let’s get to it. Okay, let’s start with the tier 5 set, the rule of thumb here is to only replace your b slot set once you’ve obtained four pieces of tier 5 being the helm from lady vash shoulders from void, reaver chest from kalphas and gloves from leotharis. You want three delicate living rubies, one, relentless earthstorm diamond one, shifting knight’s eye and two wicked noble topaz and for enchants. You want to get ferocity on the head inscription of vengeance on the shoulders chest, exceptional stats and gloves superior agility onto the neck.

The pendant of mayhem from kt is the number one choice here with the choker of animalistic fury as a good alternative. If kt proves to be a bit of a challenge for your team or there’s a heavy class competition in your raid comp next up, we have the cloak the falacian wilder cloak, takes top spot, kicking the tailored crafted vengeance rap into second place. If, like me, you’ve invested in the cloak early in phase one, it’s a slight upgrade, but not enough for you to take over another player who has something worse than vengeance rap. So bear that in mind and, of course, in chart with greater agility. Braces van braces of ending from solarian are the absolute best in slot, but an extremely close second is the bands of the celestial archer that drop from the trash in tk, which could end up being easier to obtain and will probably have less competition, make sure to Enchant with bracer assault the belt, both the belts here are from level working patterns that drop in ssc and require primal nevers so be prepared.

First place is the belt of deep shadow with the black eagle in second place. The big brain sim work here escapes me, but i’m guessing. The rationale is, if you have hit cap from ray buffs use, deep shadow and if not, then black eagle grab two delicate living rubies for your gems onto the legs. Murderous intent from kt are in the first spot, but with most items from the n bosses, it’s always good to consider the alternatives. Here we can go for the void river greaves that come in in second place and make sure to use the never cobra leg armor.

On whichever one you get boots, cobra lash boots from vash are the top spot with star strider boots from solarian. In second again, another example of considering going for an easier to kill boss for loot, you’ll want a shifting night sight and one delicate living ruby, plus enchant the boots with dexterity the rings. Your two best rings are the maggie head turn in and the band of the ranger general from kt, because the kt ring will have serious competition. It might be best to consider the ring of lethality from hydros in ssc or any cara ring as an alternative. Until you can get your best in slot next up, the trinkets dst from gruel and the bloodlust brooch for 41 badges are the way to go here.

Unfortunately, phase two doesn’t bring in any new fancy trinkets for us, with the exception of the tsunami talisman from leo theres in ssc. I can’t really get my head around the sim voodoo magic here, but i personally prefer to go for one passive and one on used. Trinket instead of two passives main hand, talon of the phoenix from allah is the abyss with the good old claw of the watcher from orca night crips being the easier and second place alternative. Now. Never blame from alarm might look like the logical choice here, but the sims don’t lie and we end up using never bane for the offhand alternative instead in a moment, enchant with great agility and use the adamantite weight stones to pump offhand.

The claw of the phoenix completes the set, also dropping from allah, and, as i just mentioned, the alternative is never pain, meaning some lucky hunter out. There could get their hands on their first alar kill all of their weapons, sorted for phase two in one fell swoop. Another alternative worth mentioning here to the never bane is the blade of unrequited from karazhan’s, romeo and juliet event again, enchant with great ragili and use adamantite weight stones. The ranged weapon it’s a little heartbreaking that the serpent spine longbow from vash is the absolute best with its sweet damage and 3.0 weapon speed, because it just looks trash, but you can’t win them all.

I guess so. The alternatives here are the sun fury, bow from prince and cara or, if you’re a dwarf hunter. Like me, the arcanite steam pistol from allah is close enough to the ssc, bow to be worth settling for just bear in mind. The weapon, speed changes and how it might affect your rotations feel also whack, a stabilized eternium scope on and you’re good to go alright survival hunters. So, as i said, your gear is pretty much the same as bm.

With some exceptions, your tier five pieces are the helm, shoulders chest and legs so you’re going to need to make up the glove spot with the gloves as exterious manipulation, instead from atom and karazhan and pop two delicate living rubies and enchant, with superior agility, you’re gon Na want to prioritize the ring of lethality instead of the kael’thas ring. Never bane ends up being your best main hand, with the claw of the phoenix still being your offhand too, or you could dual will to never bane, depending on the drops and with trinkets the tsunami. Talisman might be the priority over the bruce, though i have to admit as someone who means a hunter. My survival knowledge is pretty poor, so this is all based on research, but please drop a comment down below for any suggestions or corrections and i’ll update the spreadsheet. As needed, and with that it’s the end of the video drop a like to help the video out subscribe to the channel for more tbc, classic content and check out my other youtube channels.

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