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World Of Warcraft Wailing Caverns farm data and guide By: ElGoblinoGuides


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Why farm Wailing Caverns?

This is the only place where you can skin Deviate Scale and Perfect Deviate Scale.

Also only place where the Deviate Hatchling pet drops.

There’s a lot of transmog variety dropped. It’s great for starting out if you want to get into transmog sales.


1. Get classic skinning. You can train this in your faction’s cities.

2. Use your fastest moving class, preferably a speed twink. See this guide for reference.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

4. Get Darkmoon Firewater for faster skinning.

5. Get Northrend tailoring and the cloth scavenger perk. This is optional, but it will make it so you pick up more cloth. It’s a slight increase in gold per hour.


This is what I got from 100 runs:

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

Raw gold: 580g. Nothing to see here.

Medium sell rate (1 week to 1 month): 16k

Long sell rate (several months up to over a year): 33k (total item value per hour halved)

Total: 50k

If you’re unsure how to go about selling transmog, you can follow this guide. By using the strings and operations I provide, you will eventually sell it.

If you think the Deviate Scale and Perfect Deviate Scale is inflated in your server, you can apply the same strings as for transmog, from this same guide.

https://imgur.com/a/BZayEpg <— Route

Getting there: If you’re Horde, flying there from Orgrimmar is probably the easiest.

If you’re Alliance, you’re wrong. But, besides that, using druid portal from Feralas or Mount Hyjal should be easiest. If you’re not druid, you’re doubly wrong and you should fix that.

(1) Kill everything on the top level and then drop down into the river and go to the left side of the dungeon.

(2) Clear everything then drop down from the boss platform. Move across to the right side of the dungeon

(3) As you cross the river, don’t bother looting the crocodiles. They drop nothing of value. I kill them for the movement speed boost only.

(4) Dreamwalk. Sell if your bags are getting full (get a vendor mount, if you don’t have one). Dreamwalk back in.

I take 54 minutes to complete 10 runs of the dungeon on my speed set druid. Adapt your route according to your needs.

Final words

Check your server’s item values to see if the farm is worth your time. Anything around or above 30k per hour is ideal.

Don’t farm this 100 times. I did it to gather data and create the guide. Do it 10 or 20 times and move on to the next guide. You’ll end up with too many duplicate items.

Diversify! Doing 10 runs of multiple guides is better than 100 runs of one.

I didn’t include the white gear items, such as the shoulders, that sell for a lot of gold. For whatever reason, I vendored them and didn’t even think about it. I’ll include them whenever I update the guide, in Shadowlands. Don’t vendor them! They sell!


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