WOW 50k Per Hr Farm+ 10k Raw Gold+Mounts By: ModestMillions


Hey everyone I’m back with another gold guide. This spot has been talked about before however the farms were missing out on a majority of possible mobs. Archvaldor did a video on the spot in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms killing the Quillen on the golden stairs. This is the spot your going to farm however before placing your statue down you need to go just south of the stairs and you will see a path. Down that path you will see that a large group of Quillen have glitched and are stuck in the ground. Simply kill them and then go back up to the farming spot.


Instead of placing the statue close to the doors. Place your statue at the top of the stairs. More than double the amount of quillen will spawn and since you now have them all to kill this cuts the spawn time in half.

After 1 Hr of farming I got:

1500g raw

150 Cache keys

750 Ghost iron ore

35 spirits of Harmony

1400g worth of vendored greens

21 lockboxes

11 Skyshard

After opening all caches, lock boxes, and getting the Riens of the thundering ruby cloud serpent I had:

10.5k Raw Gold

40-50k worth of random mop materials, mount, blue transmog, ghost iron ore and spirits.

With this change to the farm you will easily make at least 40k total even on competitive servers.


I would recommend researching your server for the most profitable way to sell your ghost iron ore. My server is by making it into bars. Your server you may make more selling the ore. Just check.

Also with this farm I feel the skyshard drop rate may get nerfed so I recommend stocking up on the mount and then waiting for a bit because if it is nerfed then mount prices will rise up again.

Hope this helps!! Happy Gold Making!

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