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WOW An exasperated guide on how you get back to the Tanaan introductory quests if you should ever leave By: They_took_it


So I made the big mistake of queueing up for a dungeon while doing the introductory questline for the WoD timewalking. When I entered into the dungeon my character was completely unable to move and permanently in combat, so I had no choice but to hearthstone out and teleport back in. My hearthstone was tied to Stormwind and so this is where I would end up after the dungeon was completed. So from Stormwind here is currently the only way to get back to Tanaan again:

  • Go back to the mage tower and talk to the Vanguard Battlemage, she will tell you to take the portal to Ashran.

  • Take the portal to Ashran, you will discover there are no flight paths to Tanaan because of course there isn’t, you haven’t unlocked any. This is a dead end.

  • Google how to get back to the introductory quests, and find the Blizzard blue post highlighting this exact issue.

  • It will tell you to talk to the Honor Hold mage and they will teleport you to the Dark Portal. You do so.

  • Sike, you’re now in the TBC timeline on the other side of the Dark Portal and you can’t walk back through it.

  • The blue post will tell you that you may have to talk to Zidormi to return to the correct timeline, and she just so happens to be located in the Blasted Lands, where the Dark Portal is anyway.

  • You will now experience a sense of frustration so profound you might just delete your whole character because this has clearly never happened to anyone before, I mean, how could it possibly when the blue post is basically just a big “trikd u lmao.”

Okay, so here’s the actual guide:

This will probably be useful to exactly zero people besides me.


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