WOW Ardenweald solo skinning route – full guide and value calculator By: ElGoblinoGuides


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The Spot

Route image

I strongly advise to watch the video to see how I optimized this route. It’s too intricate to explain here.

But, essentially, you kill everything within the red marking.

Which will be the best classes/specs here?

I did this as Guardian Druid.

I also tried Balance, but Guardian felt significantly better.

Being extremely tanky and having decent AoE (or excellent, when Berserk is available) made it so I could pull incredible amounts of enemies at once.


Get the gloves “Shadowlands Gathering” enchant. It will make your skinning much faster.

Talents & Covenant for Guardian Druid

Night Fae BiS for any farming.

The following talents should be the best for this farm:

Talents image

We want to maximize AoE as much as possible.

Taking increased mobility is largely irrelevant, as it would make it difficult to keep the mobs from evading.

I wouldn’t do this in warmode. We’re going to pretty low health values, doing this farm.

What we’re farming for and expected gold per hour calculator

Use this Google Sheet document to calculate what you’re likely to expect, in your realm.

We get a lot of:

  • Desolate Leather

  • Heavy Desolate Leather

  • Callous Hide

  • Heavy Callous Hide

  • Pallid Bone

  • And a bunch of meats

Evade Mechanics

As I’ve shown in the video, you can pull mobs to an infinite distance.

What it takes to keep them from evading is to keep damaging them. The easiest way to do that, is to apply a DoT.

Fortunately for Guardian Druid, we have both Moonfire and Thrash.

That’s all there is to it.


  1. This farm will be even better as we get better gear (I will be getting a Legendary that makes Thrash even better).

  2. Every class and spec can do this. You should expect different results, though, of course.

  3. I had 178 ilvl, at the time of this guide.

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