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WoW Arena Keybinding Guide – 3v3 Key Binding and Macros for Beginners


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is my guide to setting up Keybindings for Arena. Arena is some of the fastest paced gameplay in WoW and if you’re clicking on anything, you’re going to fall behind. I’m going to come at this from an a 3v3 arena healing perspective, but you can adapt this info to use in 2s or as a DPS also. So the first thing to talk about is Targeting keybinds versus ability keybinds. It’s really important to have both set up. This video is mostly going to deal with targeting keybinds, however none of this is gonna do you any good if you’re clicking on your abilities. Make sure that you have every spell you use on an easily reachable button. Put frequently used spells close by and less used spells farther out. If you have to move your whole hand, you’ve gone too far. If you don’t have enough spots, use shift and alt modifier macros to fit everything in. A shift macro looks like this. In this example, pressing this button normally casts Lifebloom. When I hold shift and press it, it casts Cenarion Ward.

You can layer your ablities like this to get more spells bound to a smaller area on your keyboard. I like to put things with longer cooldowns on modifiers so I don’t wear out my pinky leaning on shift all the time. If you’re still short on space, a multi button mouse like the Razer Naga or Logitech G600 also goes a long way.

With shift and alt modifiers, this number grid puts 36 buttons right under your thumb. So, let’s talk about targeting keybinds. Clicking to switch your target is slow and will absolutely lose you games in a fast-paced match. The quickest way that I’ve found to switch targets is to keybind them to my mousewheel. For my healers, scroll up targets party1, scroll down targets party2 and clicking my mouse wheel targets myself. That lets me flick my mousewheel up and down to quickly target my teammates. If clicking your mousewheel is awkward for you, you can uncheck sticky targeting and then just click the gamefield to untarget and start casting spells on yourself. Of course, you don’t HAVE to use your mousewheel for targeting. You could pick three keys on your keyboard, or use mouse buttons if your mouse has extras. The important thing is that you’re not clicking your frames to switch targets.

If you’re a DPS, chances are good you’re mostly targeting the enemy. On my DPS characters, I have mousewheel up, down and click to target Arena1, 2 and 3. So what about when you need to cast a spell on an enemy? As a resto druid, you’re throwing out roots, cyclones and even moonfires throughout the game. There’s two different schools of thought on how to set this up. Both of them focus on casting your spell without dropping your healing target. The first method, which I use, is to keybind Focus Arena 1 2 3. I have them on my mousewheel just like targeting, but with a shift modifier. I can hold down shift and flick my mouse wheel to quickly switch my focus target throughout a match. Then, my offensive abilities like Cyclone and Entangling Roots are in Focus Macros like this one. Pressing this button with no mod casts Entangling Roots on that focus target. Holding down shift will cast it on my target, which is nice in battlegrounds, or when I need to root a pet.

The second school of thought is to have the spell itself macroed to cast on arena 1, 2 and 3. You either have three buttons for the spell, and each one casts on a specific target. Or, you have a macro on one button where nomod casts on arena 1, shift casts on arena 2 and alt casts on arena 3. Having the three separate buttons is technically a tiny bit faster than my way, but it takes up three times as many keybinds. Try whichever way appeals to you more and if it’s not working out, switch it up. These same keybinding setups work for DPS players too, just in reverse. Use targeting macros on your friendly abilities to cast at party1 and party2 without dropping your offensive target. DPS players may also want to keep an enemy focus target and use a focus macro for their range kick if they have one so they can stop heals, big damage or CC without changing targets.

So, that’s how I manage my keybindings in arena! The only times I find myself clicking are to target a specific pet when I want to CC it, and I click my water because otherwise I end up mashing the key and interupting my own drink. Thanks for watching! I hope this helps. Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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