WOW Arms Warrior vs Shadow Priest Duel Guide By: SilentDK


Hello, my name is Haytham. I recently made a video that highlights how I duel vs shadow priests as an arms warrior.

I know it is pre patch so a lot of the pace of duels will be much slower in Shadowlands (No Essences, Azerite or Ny’alotha raid trinkets). I think some of these principles / general strategies still hold regardless of being in pre-patch or not so I figured I’d post something that may be useful.

Key Priest Abilities:

  • Offensive:
  1. Damnation – 45 sec cd
    1. Applies Shadow Word Pain, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring Plague to the target
    2. Big burst used at the start of the fight to get the priest rolling
  2. Shadowfiend – 3 min cd
    1. Summons a pet to attack the target for 15 seconds
    2. This pet actually does decent damage
  3. Void Form – 1.5 min cd
    1. Priest gains 20% damage boost, and added benefits to their rotational abilities for 15 seconds
    2. During void form the priest will get out more DP’s than normal and do significantly more damage
  • Defensive / Utility
  1. Dispersion – 2 min cd (1.5 min cd when talented)
    1. 75% Damage reduction, 50% Movement speed increase, and Immunity to movement impairing effects for 6 seconds
    2. Often talented into to also heal for 50% max hp and reduce the cooldown by 30 seconds.
  2. Vampiric Embrace – 2 min cd
    1. Heals the priest for 50% of all single damage they deal for 15 seconds
  3. Greater Fade – 45 sec cd
    1. Causes most melee and ranged spells to miss for 4 seconds
    2. Interrupts still work
  4. Psyfiend – 45 sec cd
    1. Deals 1% of the targets max hp per second for up to 12 seconds, reducing healing and movement speed by 50% while under the effects of the channel
    2. Summons a psyfiend with 10 hp that dies in 1 hit
  5. Void Shift – 5 min cd
    1. Swaps health with the priest and the target allied party member
    2. Not useful for duels but good to know about regardless
  • Crowd Control:
  1. Psychic Scream – 1 min cd
    1. 6 second AOE fear
  2. Silence – 45 sec cd
    1. 4 second blanket silence
  3. Psychic Horror – 45 sec cd
    1. 4 second stun
  4. Mind Control – no cooldown
    1. 8 second duration
    2. Shares diminishing returns with Psychic Scream
  5. Mind Bomb – 30 sec cd
    1. Places a debuff on the target, when it expires (after 3 seconds) it explodes and disorients all enemies around the originally debuffed target

Strategy as Arms Warrior VS. Shadow Priest

  1. Take the talent impending victory over storm bolt, use as soon as you reach 70% HP
  2. Pop offensive cooldowns early to get the priest to use dispersion at as high of an hp threshold as possible
  3. Sit in defensive stance the whole game unless actively bursting
  4. Keep deep wounds and a hamstring up at all times
  5. Use piercing howl to catch up after dispersion
  6. Trinket psychic horror
  7. Hold pummel for when the priest uses greater fade to cast shadowmends
  8. Use die by the sword when the priest uses void form to stop as much damage as possible
  9. Use rallying cry before you’re too low, if you are silenced you cannot use rallying cry

Hopefully this guide makes sense, let me know if you have any questions. There is more detail + duel footage linked in the video above.

Thanks for reading,


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