WOW Arms Warrior vs Subtlety Rogue Duel Guide By: SilentDK


Arms Warrior vs Subtlety Rogue Duel Guide

Hello, my name is Haytham. I recently made a video that highlights how I duel vs Subtlety rogues as an arms warrior.

I know it is pre patch so a lot of the pace of duels will be much slower in Shadowlands (No Essences, Azerite or Nyaloth’a raid trinkets). I think some of these principles / general strategies still hold regardless of being in pre-patch or not so I figured i’d post something that may be useful.

Key Rogue Abilities:

  1. Shadow Dance – 1 min cd

    1. 15% Damage Increase and allows usage of stealth abilities in combat for 8 seconds

  2. Shadow Blades – 3 min cd

    1. All damage dealt by combo point generators increased by 50% and they also increase combo points gained by 1 for 20 seconds

  1. Cloak of Shadows – 2 min cd

    1. Magic immunity for 5 seconds

  2. Evasion – 2 min cd

    1. 100% Dodge chance for 10 seconds

  3. Vanish – 2 min cd

    1. Enter stealth during combat and for 3 seconds after using vanish no damage will break you out of stealth

  4. Feint – 15 sec cd

    1. Reduces AOE damage by 40% and Non AOE damage by 30% for 5 seconds

  5. Sprint 1 min cd

    1. Increase movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds

  6. Smoke bomb – 3 min cd

    1. Area where enemies cannot target in or out of, 5 second duration

  1. Sap

    1. Only usable if target is out of combat and rogue is in stealth or shadow dance

  2. Cheap Shot

    1. 4 Second duration, often chained in shadow dance with kidney shot for 9 second stun lock

    2. Only usable from stealth or shadow dance

  3. Kidney Shot – 20 sec cd

    1. 6 Second stun requires 5 combo points

  4. Blind – 2 min cd

Strategy as Arms Warrior VS. Subtle Rogues

  1. Sit in defensive stance the whole game unless actively bursting

  2. Keep deep wounds and a hamstring up at all times

  3. Use ignore pain as much as possible after mortal strike

  4. Only trinket blind

  5. Save heroic leap to enter a smoke bomb to stop a rogue from restealthing

  6. Use bladestorm or disarm immediately after the opening cc stun lock on you

  7. Use intimidating shout when the rogue uses evasion to stop the rogue from going offensive on you while you cannot counter attack

Hopefully this guide makes sense, let me know if you have any questions. There is more detail + duel footage linked in the video above.

One thing to note, is my experience has been through an orc character so it’s possible your mileage may vary if you are a different race due to the stun duration difference.

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