[WOW BFA GOLD FARM 8.3] 1000 Runs of Sunken Temple – Week 4 400/1000



Hello, everyone, i’m vero gold and today is the week four for uh one thousand rounds of sankan temple. So we are in the fourth week of so doing the sunken temple and this week was way better than the previous week. Because the previous week we got like crappy items a lot less than uh second week with the blues and also the epics, but this week was a better week. Let’S say like that: okay, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button to get notified every time a video is coming out. I put a new video every monday, wednesday and saturday monday.


It’S about 100 runs of a certain dungeon up to 1000 and currently doing the sunken temple dungeon and then cetera. There are call guides profession guides where to farms where to farm materials, different materials. I just started this display list for for the items and, of course, auction cells and much more so. Okay, like i told you this week, it’s a better week because it’s pretty normal, i get like almost 25 rugged leather stacks, like 20, something or four thick leather.


Maybe, like 50 meter block boxes, maybe less it’s really depending maybe more. You see that i have 71 in the guild vault in this guild vault and i will just try to to get like at least 100, and maybe i will do a video for open the meter lock boxes as well. Okay for the the epidrocks, we got the hammer of northern wind. It’S really nice transmog, but you see the price is not that good. On my realm, it’s like 200 gold but different, possibly to sell because the cell rate is it’s pretty. Okay, zero point zero! Two! It’S still, okay, let’s say we got an another glowing by two staff. I have three of them with this one. It’S nice uh stuff, but it’s uh, usually a lot of them. They are dropping. So you see they’re like 11 on ocean house right now and it’s around 200 gold and also the market value – it’s 200 gold.


So it’s not that good! We got the tron icebreaker, another uh hammer like epidrop. You see that there are a lot of them on auction house as well, but it’s 1000 gold. So it’s way better than the rest of them. We got also the wall of dead. It’S a nice shield. Maybe you will be able to sell them. There are only six on auction house, but it’s 100 gold and decelerate, it’s 0.01, so pretty low okay on items which usually drops in sunken temple. We got two uh stealth blades.


We now have seven of them where i have already like uh three on guild wall and uh on um, sorry, five on auction house and two for this round. So all in total of seven. Indeed, the seller rate is pretty low, but the price is pretty high. So when i will be able to sell them, they will be really good and they will make me a lot of profit. Okay, we got also winter’s bite, three of them another like piece with more than 50k gold. It’S 74


You see that there are not a lot of them on auction house. I have four of them right now and now probably i will be able to sold them. Also. We got a rage. Hammer 10k gold for this one, the silver scent silver, shell, leggings 5k gold. For this one ring, which i i don’t expect to sell them pretty fast. I have another three of them and no bracer lies slimmer, skill bracers, it’s 4k gold. Probably i will sell them because they’ll accelerate it’s a pretty high priority.


I didn’t sell any transmog items from sunken temple, i’m trying to sell them, but i just post them on auction house like 48 hours and i don’t under undercut anyone. I just post them. If i sell them – okay, if not it’s it’s still worth for me to perform this because probably in the end i will sell the letter. I start selling the leather because there are a lot and no, it’s takes a lot of space to store them and i start selling those – and i see that around like three gold per piece for gold per piece. I i sell them and it’s pretty nice, i’m still making gold with sunken temple. So if you find this video useful drop a like and a comment, it means a lot to me and i want to thank you for all the support or every view or every comment every like it’s really important for me to and really help me to grow.


Also, if i have other suggestions – or you want to cover some additional guides, put them in the comments below. Thank you for watching and in the next video

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