[WOW BFA GOLD FARM 8.3] 1000 Runs of Sunken Temple – Week 6 600/1000



Hello: everyone, i’m morgolt, and today it’s another 100 runs of sunken temple, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button to get notified every time a video is coming out. I upload a new video every monday, wednesday and saturday monday. It’S about 100 runs of earthen dungeon up to 1000 and i’m currently doing the sunken temple. Dungeon anyways, then saturday are cool guides, profession, guides, auction service and much more so, okay, we are reaching the 600 mark. So we have four weeks to go and this week was pretty nice week.


Let’S say like that, because i got a lot of items on and i fill up a bank slot really nice only in the first week. I would do that because i also keep a lot of plans and patterns, and that’s why i requested two guild ball gilbank slots, so you see that it’s pretty normal. The meter lock boxes like 20 and something stacks of rugged leather. Also, the thick leather is like the same and like seven stacks of roon cloth, which they, of course they drop in value because of the nerf of relic of the past, and also some plans and patterns which i didn’t had. And now i keep them because i want to to run on my blacksmith leatherwork and your crafting oh cool. Okay, on the green items, i kept the staff, which is pretty nice but disincelerate the value it’s garbage, but i will try to sell it. Also. I keep like the the trinkets cards. You see that i have five of portals, eight of portals and five of beast when i will have them all of them, i’ll create the card and i’ll try to sell it, and i got a lot of eye patches. Probably i don’t keep them anymore, because i really have a lot of them, so i get six eye patches by like uh 100 runs.


So like one one like half of the runs, i i got an eye patch, so f decencerate. Indeed, what the and there is nice looking, but let’s accelerate the value of that it’s pretty garbage on the on the blue ones. I was pretty lucky in like the last 10 rounds. I got like four rares drops and really save up the this week on the rare items, so we get another ring which is 120 k, but it’s accelerate. It’S not that good, because it’s a ring, nobody buys rings so much. Only if you trying to to get a twink, but if you don’t need it, you shouldn’t buy it. We got another winter’s bite, so we have five in total, already uh, more quadro gauntlets.


We have also five in total, with this one soul, catcher halo. We have four in total for this one silver, shell leggings. We have also four and we got two rage, hammers also four, and we got four slimmer scale bracers. So i have no nine slimmer scale bracers, but if you calculate it already, i have more than one per run: better 100 rounds like 1.5 or 100 rounds. So this is what i got for this week, probably for the next week. I will stop getting the leather because, as you can see, i already have a lot of leather and a lot of room cloth saved and i’m also trying to to sell some of the rugged leather and thick leather.


On the auction house. You see that i kept a lot of them and i i didn’t care for the relic of the bus or this kind of stuff, but it they are not selling that okay, so they are selling slowly, indeed with a decent price like four or five gold per Piece but uh, they are not like flying out of auction, as you see that, like 400 on region, market and average daily sold so like two stacks, they are selling average on the market value and of course, you see that i kept a lot of them i’ll. Try selling them and no also for the mythic material log boxes, i’m almost to have 100, so i can make a video on opening all these midi lock boxes.


I have 92 and now probably, if i do another 100 rounds, i will get like another. Eight. At least i hope to to get uh to 100, and so i can make a video. Oh you see that it was a decent week and indeed i’m looking forward for the next next week. It’S a pity. I didn’t get any stealth blades, so i have six or seven, i think already, but uh like already in two weeks. I didn’t get any stealth blades, so i hope i will get like one per 100 runs to until i finish. If you find this video useful drop like and a comment really means a lot to me, and also, if you have other suggestion for future videos, let me in the comm comments below also, i will probably finish up like i will try to push it before shadowlands. As soon as possible, to finish this 1000 rounds of sunken temple, so if you have other ideas for future dungeons, which should i do for 1000 runs, let me let them in the comments below. Thank you for watching and see you next.

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