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[WOW BFA GOLD FARM 8.3] How To Farm 5000Gold/25 Minutes – Skining Farm in Firelands



Hello: everyone, i’m moro gold, and today i will show you how to form 5k gold directly in 25 minutes in firelands, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button to get notified. Every time a video is coming out. I upload a new video. Every monday, wednesday and saturday monday it’s about 100 rounds of certain dungeon and currently i’m doing sunken temple until 1000 and wednesday and saturday are gold, guides, profession, guides ocean cells and much more okay. What you need for this form, you need to be in firelands.


Of course you need to have a darkmoon fire water, so you can skin pretty fast, it’s a skinning farm and you need to have a portion of treasure finding. So you can get tiny treasure chests where you can get volatile, inspired cloth and maybe some transmog items. If you’re lucky, okay, so the route is pretty simple: it’s just down the hill and just take as many mobs that you can skin and also aggro it pretty simple. There are actually five pulls of scorpions.


First one is over here: just you have to aggro them. The second one is near: you see that all the scorpions are after me, and here they are three packs this one, this one and, of course take the turtles as well, but the route is pretty simple: that’s all you want want to kill. You just load that and it should just skin them pretty fast. That’S why you have you need a darkmoon fire water, because if you don’t use the darkmoon far water, probably you’ll spend more time in finals that you need to. You don’t want to do it and what we are looking after is the savage ladder now because of the relic of the past. You see the the prices increased a lot, so it’s like uh, already six six goal five world at average on every market. Maybe you can sell it for more, it’s really, depending on the server and uh. How many items there are are on auction cars. So of course, so i will continue this kind kind of form for a for an hour.


It’S not really an hour because you know in like 25 minutes, you’re already done with 10 instance lockout. If you have a darkmoon for water, of course, if not from two minutes and a half three minutes, you’ll spend like five minutes per run. If you don’t have the moon five water, so you will spend more time skinning and you don’t want that. Also, you can use a portion of treasure fighting for extra tiny treasure chest where you can find volatiles and paratore and of course, if you’re lucky some transmog items and other stuff that you can sell on auction house or you can just disenchant or just render it Directly for good, so, okay, after, like 20 minutes, plus the first one with the route, it’s almost 25 minutes, you see that i got like 7k gold from the lotto titan’s values on mars, set on market value and with appraiser and already almost 400 golds, just raw Gold from uh just pick it up things i’ll, sell everything, all the greens all the trash items, and this is what i remain with.


So you see that a stack of savage leather scraps it’s 47 ladder so where i have three of them, plus almost another one with this one i can say i have two stacks already of savage leather in like 20, something minutes i got also pristine height, which Is so 500 gold? So already we have calculating the service letter. Let’S take like 1.3 k upper stack, we have two stacks. We have uh 2.6 k gold directly with the savage leather with the pristine height, sorry we already have 3k and with the raw gold and what i vendor the thresh items we have 3.5 already as like approximately gold.


Of course, i got also the lamenting block boxes have not taken the consideration, but i will take them in consideration the stretch blotter stomach and the tiny treasure chest which i’ll open right away for this one. Of course we are looking for volatiles and paratore. I don’t care so much about the the items only if they’re, like rare ones or patterns, which i really need. I got another element in log boss and you see that almost 2k just from that value and also the stomach which is giving in volatiles, you see that i have already, if sums up a little bit, i already have like uh, maybe another 1k 1k and a Half gold, the only from from the any treasure chest and the broadest damage, so it’s around, like 5k gold in like 25 minutes. I think it’s still worth doing it.


You will reach like 4 hour more than more than 10 000 gold, it’s pretty nice farm and it’s mostly because of the increases of values for the letters, clothes and also the doors for the relic of the past. So you see that in the past i didn’t. I saw like savage leader with 2 gold per piece and to maximum of 28. Of course, you can also try to select a heavy savage leather, but you need leatherwork for this, where it is mandalore, legion, pandaria and cataclysm which you have to check if it’s worth crafting it or not, so it now it’s having profit costs. So it’s worth posting on an ocean house, but you have to to check if there are a lot of or if they are not worth so much gold you, you should just stick to the savage ladder.


Don’T try to sell it as craps, because usually they will not be pulled out only if they are pretty low, people will just buy them and create savage leather and and put it as savage leather or heavy savage leather. Okay, if you find this video useful drop, a like on a comment, really means a lot to me and also one. I want to thank you for all the support for this channel and, as always, if you have other suggestions for videos which you want me to cover, uh tell me in the comments below thank you for watching and see you next, video

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