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WoW Dungeon Guide: Bastion of Twilight (6.2k per hour)


Hey there, Goldmakers! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we are going over how to farm the Bastion of Twilight raid instance from Cataclysm. Look at that Bladestorm! Still a great ability, even on crappy little minions. So, this used to be a hard dungeon but it’s not anymore. To get there, go to the Cataclysm portals in Stormwind. Fly through the Obsidium Forest and as you fly across Twilight Highlands there’s a big tower. Just fly straight up to the top of it and the raid instance is right there.

There’s also a summoning stone. So, this used to be the best place in the world to farm transmog, but the transmog isn’t worth anything anymore now that this is easily soloable. You used to need like, mythic level gear. But you don’t anymore. So, there are four packs of 8 mobs along the outside. You want to round up those guys first because the two packs of 5 guys on the inside have a ranged crossbow guys that don’t move. Now, you want to taunt this Phase Twister on the outskirts. Pull that group on the inside, and then do a little AoE, and then loot. Now, once you loot those guys, don’t run out because there’s actually a pack of 2 in the corridor. Just run over to those guys. Kill those two real quick because those guys actually have a bigger than normal chance of farming the transmog that, even though it’s not worth anything anymore, they drop greens, the transmog does disenchant, and it’s just a little extra gold.

If you’re just farming cloth, then go ahead and skip em, but I’m just in the habit of going and pulling those guys because it’s super quick, and it’s just a little extra gear. Now, I recommend doing this on a tailor because the best thing you get out of this is cloth. Now, my tailor is only ilvl 520, because I level it up through pet battles, so she actually can’t pull the whole room. What you want to do there is just run straight up the middle, kill the middle pack, then round up all the guys on the outside, and pull those guys all the way to the end, the end pack, those little two guys in the corridor, and that way you’re not going to die.

This is only if you have a really low ilvl, you aren’t geared, you aren’t doing LFR or anything like that. So if you have a low ilvl, just run straight up the middle, and you won’t die. Alright, so let’s look at what I got. I ran this 30 times in total, 10 times on a Tailor and 20 times on non-tailors. My tailor ran it 10 times and got 780 cloth. My non-tailors who ran it 20 times got 3/4 of that. So, when you tell your friends to run this, tell them to run it on a tailor. It’s super important. We did get a bunch of epics and a bunch of greens. You’ll average about 1 green per run and 1 epic every 3 runs. Now, I wouldn’t be mad at you if you disenchant all of these, but I would be really pissed off if you’re a DK and you don’t wear the transmog set because those shoulders are amazing! Alright, so that it’s for me, you guys have a great day, and make sure you vote on what dungeon you want to see next!

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