WOW – Extra Gold From Garrison 6.2 GUIDE! Follower lets work #1


Hello, my name is javier and welcome to a new world of warcraft video. This time is three steps to making extra hole in your garrison, aztec number one atom. First, we need some oven to maximize our income. The atoms are gon na, be master plan for the mission back known for the inventories and salvage our helper to cling or bad step number two building.

We need this particular one cover for the extra goal in missions and follow we’re recruiting the barracks for the extra follower slot Sal behavior for the extra reward in the mission armory for Whipple and armor. We can use and leather. We gon na sell nice and garden for the resort. We need for a daily quest for the gem beauty and the game booties for the daily quest that give you a bad of goal.

A sec number three: send your followers until to maximize your reward, recruiting or chain the trade for treasure hunter and a scavenger use. The add on to have a good idea for the contour of the mission you can send and the reward you can get. You can do this in multiple charter. Remember, checked out the community websites forums and my editor videos for more war worker. Thanks for watching and see you. The next time here of a syrup, remember subscribe, comment and always have found.