Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I wanted to show you the best place for farming Leyblood. Granted, I haven’t done a ton of exploring specifically for Leyblood, but if there’s anywhere better than this, shoot, I’ll just quit WoW forever.Alright, let’s do this guide First off, sorry about the crappy UI here. I just started leveling this guy today and haven’t taken the time to set everything up yet. Alright, so I first found this cave when I was first leveling my Demon Hunter and knew it had to be good for something.

It wasn’t until my buddy Juice told me about it’s Leyblood potential that I took it seriously. By the way, he’s an awesome guy and has his own YouTube channel so go check him out real quick and subscribe if you like him. So this spot is in Azurewing Repose, in Azsuna. Right next to the great blue dragon Senegos, who is apparently really old. We’re going to be killing Flashwyrms inside this little cave Now, you could do just fine standing at the cave entrance and pulling things to you there, but there’s one wyrm that’s behind a rock that you’ll keep having to move to aggro so if you want to really ramp it up, I recommend standing on the edge of this little cliffy thing.

You’ll take a bit more damage because things will be hitting you from behind, but it’s just faster, if you can heal. Now, I also recommend rounding everything up before you AoE and kill it all, because these do instaspawn, but while they do that, what can happen is you can accidentally stagger their respawns and eventually only 3 are up at any one time rather than…why kill 3 at a time when you can kill 7, right? Now, looting doesn’t take a lot of time, just 1 GCD, but the more time you’re looting, the less you’re killing, so wait until one of the wyrms floats up your little pedestal you’re on and loot him after that round of AoEing.

Also, you need to stand on the edge of the cliffy thing because there’s a wyrm that’ll spawn right underneath it. Now, in just this quick little 5 minute test, I got 218. That’s more than a stack every 5 minutes. That’s more than 2600 an hour. Get a five man group together and have everyone stack on this rock, and you’ll be able to not only aggro them twice as fast and kill em twice as fast, but you’ll be getting 5 times the loot.

This is legitimately a 25,000 leyblood per hour farming spot. They’re selling for 5 gold a piece right now. So, I’ll let you do the math that applies to you. So that’s it, guys. Go out here once a week and stock up. Get all your toons’ cooking needs taken care of and also have enough to keep a couple thousand rolling on the auction house all the time. So, good luck, happy goldmaking, and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. Bye..

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