wow gold guide- 3k/hr jade forest farming!


Hi youtube: this is bamboo Bob here with the gold series. Guy episode 1 we’re going to be doing we’re going to call this. I guess Jade for serpent farming. What we’re going to be coming around here is the slitter scale strippers night level, 90, a yearlings 87 and the actual turtles themselves in level 98, with the solar cell rippers we’re going to be forming at the top right a day for is one word aisle, since This is pretty much the number one farming spot that I’ve found out so far. We will be using the potion a lot to increase our operate, which you’ll be expecting. What’S your profit from anyways hour by hour? Okay, as we start, the first pool I’m going to be showing what’s going to happen or what you can expect from each mug here, this litter scale rippers will charge you and turtles will enter a defensive, cooldown ability set. I forgot what it’s called yeah see the yellow set they absorbed like 10k damage, if you’re pretty good at dps in our AoE. All you have to do is say we get down, then they’ll just regularly physically attack.

You and you’ll be fine. What I notice about this place too, is that not only is it better than any other place any other region so far in Pandaria, it also has a quickest, fun rate group by group. You don’t have to wait in between groups like you have to do and dry the ways of the classes are available awesome with the mo booze, and they also have a drop rate, higher drop rate of lenders since you’re literally farming, more more about our than you Will be in where else on the pointer treasure has about a three percent chance drop off any creature here and I have ran into a few rares and blue. I me not rares but rares end epics, and it’s not that it’s not that often that you get one, maybe once in every blues, are once in every five potions FXR once in every 20, but as as we can see here, you can get a rough estimate Of what you can expect from each individual pool you do I mean you know you get you’re, always going to expect turtle shells a trash bin der stuff.

All that, but oh look. We got looking got a few point of treasures after i’ll be doing three groups on this clip, so it doesn’t even matter i’m going to open it all at the end. Just to show you that you can know that. That’S what you’re going to be expecting. Most of your income to be coming from our gold, what everyone call it currency! Alright, this bowl was smaller than usual because, as you could see, the paladin kind of came and snagged my my killers up there. That’S all right, we’ll let him have it all right.

I suggest that you pop a lot of your offensive cooldowns, because the quicker you get them down the faster you can go into the next group and it speeds everything up a little bit faster and increases your gold income per hour. I’D say from doing these outer per hour: you should pound for pound, get around 22 to 30 k if you’re a plate where, since you can hold a lot of a lot of mobs and take a lot less damage, but if you’re around, if your dps class And you’re, not I don’t know 500 or above you should be expecting around 1.7 2k, if not, if you get lucky with the blue, maybe increase it by five hundred volts excited will, depending on server, really um the best part about this area.

That is that it also offers you the ability to skin some of the creatures here, and you can also get the Royal turtle meat that a lot of cookers that have the recipes for it will buy. They’Ll, buy it for a rating or you could use it. Personal uses such as here the cooker and you need the actual food itself, but this is going to be allowable to clip because I don’t have much time left. So we will see what we get from this and, let’s hope for the best yeah seem you AOE. You can see a lot of damage up there in the groups are falling a lot faster than they were before and for me being such a clicker, it’s quite sad, but all around this is out of the out of all ten of the gold guys. This is the best guide when it comes to our income, I mean and dry to waste. You may have a higher chance of getting an epic but a higher chance of getting something. That’S at a 0.7 and changes to a 0.9 you kill.

Another mob is nothing to something: it’s a thousand gold. Our increase here we go just got to kill this last turtle. Come on guy anybody got time for that. Alright, as you can see, we got a few much on me, some trash gear turtle shells and all that, as we lead to play The Treasures you can see, we get a lot of just golden night, mostly a lot of times. I get to do cheer William, a four or five exotic leather to it. Three prismatic scales agreeing a blue here and there and what else drive lock boxes? Yeah, that’s right, lock boxes! These are actually really really irritating to when you don’t have a blacksmith, but thanks guys for watching and subscribe peace.