Hey what’s going on guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re going to be taking a look at Hearty Soup Bone farming. In Legion you’re losing the goldmaking potential of your garrison, and they’re even removing potion of luck so I have a sneaking suspicion that after all these nerfs, Hearty Soup Bone farming will be the new status quo for Raw Gold vendor farming in World of Warcraft.

So, let’s talk about how to make a billion gold, 36 silver at a time. If you haven’t spent much time in Nagrand, almost all the beasts there drop Hearty Soup bones. Everything drops between 0-3 of them and the lowest level beasts in Nagrand drop an average of each, while the highest level drop an average of 2, so really you’re just looking to wrangle up as much density as you can. You turn the bones into an NPC named Meatgut in a repeatable quest for 7 gold 32 silver at the Ring of Trials. In short, kill things, they drop bones. Bones are worth about 36 silver each when you break everything down.

Oh and I want this video to be timeless, to be usable in Legion and beyond that, so I’m not going to include prices for Sumptuous Fur or Raw Clefthoof Meat all the meats you get too, but you get a lot of that here. Also, if you have a trading post in your Garrison it drops the Garrison Auction House parts for the Super cooling module here but ya know, no one knows if those will still be expensive in future expansions or not. So, let’s talk about spots. The first spot I thought of and tested doesn’t actually drop bones, so I’m not 100% sure why I included it in the guide, But I wanted to show it to y’all in case any skinners are watching. Hearty soup bone farming is a million billion times better on a skinner because you’re just farming Nagrand beasts. So, spot number one is in the southeast portion of Nagrand. There’s a Gorian Beast-Lasher who watches over a bunch of tamed clefthoof.

These are quest mobs and as such, they instaspawn. Whenever you kill all of them off, 2 will spawn immediately. Kill those, two more spawn. Rinse repeat. Like I said, no bones here, but it’s an excellent spot for skinning if you want to AFK and watch YouTube. Let’s move into spot number two. This one actually has bones. Yay! Around the ring of trials and the canyon south of it, there’s a ton of Leatherhide Bulls. There are two really juicy spots that you can just battle horn and kill everything around you, kill every elephant in the world, but in general, just run around in a circle and kill everything you see. It’s a good baseline of how much you would make if you just, like, ran around Nagrand randomly. But, in one hour, I got 700g in vendor trash and bones, along with a bunch of fur and meat.

Nothing overwhelming. The next spot was originally one of the better skinning farms out there but there wasn’t ever a ton of guides made about it because you needed tip top gear when Warlord of Draenor came out to farm this quickly. Now it’s easy. We’re killing the Nagrand Powlers in Hemet’s Happy Hunting Grounds. There are a few different levels of terrain. Start off by the cave, pull all the wolves around you and kill em.

Move on to the next level down, kill all those, move down again. Kill all those. Here, swap over to another realm using the addon Cross Realm Assist or the group finder and repeat. I don’t like having to recommend cross realm farming, but this is just amazing density. Not quite broken but really really good, almost. We got 1160 bones per hour, 312 gold, and got a bunch of greens too. Greens vendor for About 20 gold each, so disenchant if they’re worth more, but for now, let’s just say you’ll get an extra 400 gold from greens for a total of 1100 gold, 350 sumptuous fur and 40 meat in an hour. The next hearty soup bone farming spot, I’m just calling “The Lake.” HCNev put a video up about this a few months ago and we even talked about it in Weekly WoW Gold number…3? There are a massive amount of animals here, and this is the ideal spot for boomkins to press starfall and win.

I farmed this on my warrior to give y’all a bottom of the barrel reasonable number but almost any class out there could probably get considerably more loot. In fact, here’s what I want y’all to do, go try this spot out for 15 minutes and let me know in the comments what class you were playing and what how many bones you got. So, at the lake, you make a lap around the outside, killing all the Breezestrider Talbuk and Breezestrider Colt. There are a bunch of Leatherhide Bulls and windrok flying around to the East and to the South, so if you have Draenor pathfinding, go AoE over there too and then switch realms otherwise skip those areas. I got less sumptuous fur here. I think at the very beginning of Warlords Talbuk got nerfed. But I got 20 greens, 1600 bones, 300 gold, for a total vendor gold value of over 1200 gold.

And the last thing I want to say is actually about Legion. Well ok, second to last. First off, subscribe. Like the video if you liked it, all that jazz. You know what to do. Click all the buttons! But I wanted to say that with all the raw gold gold farming nerfs we’re seeing, it seems like they’re shifting goldmaking back to a system where you need to know and master professions in order to be rich in WoW. Mining and herbalism have always been tuned to give about 2000 gold per hour, so farming something more liquid, you know, raw vendor gold, should be less than that, right? What do you guys think? That’s all, I think these nerfs are for the best, but let me know what you think in the comments. Any great spots. All that, and I will see you tomorrow, guys! Bye!.

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