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WOW How I profited 35 million in BFA By: Fentas


Note no real new info for any seasoned AH player – Sorry for length.

So hello guys. End of BFA and I reached my goal of 15 million gold, mostly due to a stronger influx of players after the summer, and SL being delayed. In legion I had about the same end of it.

In this post I will briefly go over what I did. My motto is that anyone can do what I do – You dont need any silly addons, deep know-how, or loads of time. You can start working towards what I do today. Only thing I do what others can’t is having my main with all LW recipes in-game but a few. Leatherworking is funny enough also my best gold making profession, something I don’t see for any other usually.

Brief history and info (Skip ahead if you want…): I have been AH playing since end of WOTLK. Before that I was a poor grinder, that skinned for gold and did dailies (Now world quests…) for gold. In MOP I especially started making some gold, but it was not until WOD I reached my first millions. I have never grinded for any gold, and you should never do that as well. Grinding for say a herb who somebody else buys and just turns around and make your herb into his own profit, that is why grinding does not work, maybe outside of extreme cases such as expansion launches etc.

First of all, you should start leveling alts. Now is a great time do that as well, cause its fast and you will need at least 3-5 at max level anyway. Personally I “only” use LW, JC, BS, Engineer, tailor mostly. Some-times I use other professions, but I never dabble in alchemy/inscription, rarely enchanting.

Before you level alts. Consider your realm. When I moved to a proper true high pop realm thats also when I made my first serious gold. High pop means more competition, but it can also (Will also…lets be real) mean a lot more gold for you.

Now in terms of set-up and some basic addons. I have my bank alt who I only post from. I have stationed him at Darnasus, thats a quiet AH spot close to the mailbox. Im sure Hord also has a good capital like it, such as Undercity. Other than the main bank alt, I also have 1-3 bank alts with guilds that I store mats on. When prices are good, you buy – You buy ALL. Don’t ever think about holding back, when you know you see a deal fill up your bank alts. Knowing when mats prices are good will come naturally, now a days I know all the prices at the back of my head, this is the only real know-how you will need to learn.

In terms of addons for AH play I only use Auctionator, and I also modded postal to loot mail faster. Its a quick LUA change you can google. You dont haft to use TSM, for me I find it silly to rely on something that automates stuff for you, but you do you. Other minor addon could be compact vendor (Formor gnomishvendorshrinker), enchantedstacksplit, easydeleteconfirm…There are many QOL addons, but these are some of the better for AH play only.

Here mid-way post I’ll show some stats.

In terms of daily-gold I average about 35k a day, every day, since BFA launched. I started playing it a bit after the launch, but its around that figure. I have always had the mindset of “Small drips makes oceans”. You haft to be persistent, so make gold every day. My biggest pay day was about 500k in sales (Pure profit not sure) some days after 8.3 launch. When I started BFA I had sold for 41 million, now Im at 86 million, so about 45 million in sales, which is of course not pure profit.

In terms of posted auctions pr. day I sit at around 350 on average. I dabble in a lot of single posting, but since WOD when I started using my current bank alt I have about 500k auctions posted now, just a bit under. It goes up fast when you are active throughout many years.

In terms of time spend its about 1 hour a day. Some-times its more, can be a lot more, other times it can be less. Im determined to not spend to much time on it, I have other things in WoW Id rather do as well.

I don’t do any item flipping (Expect on classic when I played that a bit hehe) or anything odd like that. At best I flip materials, something I do it quit often through. I also never did mission table stuff, multi-boxed or any kind of boosting. I just do AH play, and use my professions.

Also it can be said that you should value your time. Find a niece, that works for you. But don’t do some AH play method that takes way to much time. I spend a bit to much time making expolsums, since thats one of my main area’s. I also wanna note that you should make “test items or feelers” as I call them. Make an item, see if it sells fast enough, before you invest. Often I make a odd LW item or something, but after 1 week of no sale I just move on. Dont bother selling items that dont move fast, it clutters up your mailbox.

So here at the end I just wanna talk about what I mainly do:

I craft the basic stuff like expolsums. The marked on my realm can be hectic due to undercutters. One day all the uncanny stuff looks good, next day its down. I like to control / reset the marked. Im the kind of player thats willing to loss gold to lower prices, before I then buy out and reset. That means that a strategy can be say posting “Uncanny mail gloves…” for 900g, to eventually reset the prices to 4k the next week or so. This has worked good for me. Some-times I also do this with mats, to eventually lower prices. Im not talking about baiting people, but just lower prices…For instance I sell the times that gives weapon glows that enchanters can make, and I will buy some of the mats and post them for 10-20g, when I see the prices at 50g and so on. This is of course a bit of a dick move, but you haft to eye an opportunity.

This also means I can have say 100 uncanny items lying around until the prices are good again. You haft to be adaptable and willing to wait. Some weeks it feels like I barely made much gold etc.

You should also value influx in player spikes A LOT. Be ready when patches drops, and for-see when wow is popular again or whatever. I made a lot gold when Covid started, but starting barely making any gold over the summer, until August when it picked up again. Of course expansion launches are likely the best times, but I have never really used that period, as I dont like playing on launches, its just a preference.

Here at the end I will also leave a YT link (That is monetized, mind you!), that shows more in-depth with profit examples at the end of the video. This guide goes over my 8.3 “fun” with 5 million pure profit in 1 month, which was my best yet. Usually I only make like 1-3 million gold a month:

Hope it helps. AGAIN! Nothing new for any seasoned AH players, but thats also the point; Anyone should be able to do what most AH players do. Its not hard, nor time consuming. He’ll it even feels very casual and relaxed. 90% of the time I just have a podcast or something going etc. Cheers 🙂


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