WOW I Made An Addon To Help People Doing Dungeons, Raids, Classes Talents And Rotations For Shadowlands By: DalaLikesGold


Hey everyone, I started a project for a wow addon the other day and would like to know peoples thought on it as I have just released the version one I have done brief overview of how it works and functions. I wanted to solve an issue I was having when preparing for Shadowlands and that was looking for guides and tactics in game so I decided to make and addon that does it for you.

WoWHub an in Game guide hub for Classes, Events, Shadowlands Raids, Dungeon and Rankings. You are able to adjust the frame size to fit your screen when moving through the open world or instances while following guides.

News: The News module will cover Major Patch updates, Change Logs to WoWHub for easy of use and Additional Information. As it stands at the moment for Version 1 on WoWHub, it will be covering what it provides and what to expect in the future.
The Classes module will give you the most up to data Class Talents and Rotation for your spec. In future updates this will include class guides.
In the Events module you will find World Event Summaries, Achievement Lists with how to complete them and reward be that from Vendors, Event Bosses and Quests.
With the Dungeons module there is guide breakdowns of every Shadowlands Dungeon along with Boss breakdowns for battling said boss for Healers, Tanks and Damage Dealers.
In the Raids module it will cover which Raids are available in Shadowlands along with Boss breakdowns on how there phases work and what best to counter each bosses mechanics. However in the future this will be expanded upon when new information comes out along with new raids.
The Rankings module will rank all current Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Healers and Tank classes and rank them accordingly to how best they perform. This is a module that will be expanded upon as more information comes out.
The Settings module will give you options in the future to adjust text size and fonts along with other functions which will be developed as the addon progresses in the future.
I hope this can be helpful to any people looking for in game guides and I would like to hear any feedback on your view points and also ways to improve / develop this into the future. Any questions please contact me.


Video Guide Of Addon:

Have an awesome day,

DalaGG 🙂

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