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WOW I tried 6 different Borean Leather farms so that you don’t have to – (30k/h best By: ElGoblinoGuides


Why should you do this?

Up to 30k/h auction house value, depending on the spot you choose


Save up several tens of thousands if you’re getting into crafting WotLK stuff (this is the better option, long term)


1. Get Northrend Skinning and Tailoring (and Cloth Scavenger) – Northrend Dalaran

2. Use a druid.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

4. Use this macro to save yourself from carpal tunnel:


/cancelaura Travel Form

/use Moonfire

Change “/targetenemy” to “/target x“, x being the name of the mobs you’re killing, if you’re killing one specific type of mob only.

For example: /target Gundrak Raptor


We will mostly be getting Borean Leather. Depending on the farm, you’ll get different secondary items:

  • Jormungar Scale, from Jormungar creepy pasta worm/snake/nightmare fuel

  • Nerubian Chitin from Nerubian creepy pasta spider/beetle/nightmare fuel

  • Icy Dragonscale from… icy dragons.

  • Arctic Fur from any farm

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

  • 30k – from Jormungar Tunneler skinning

  • Different values for various other farms, see sheet

I consider anything below 20k/h to be a waste of time. 30k/h and above is really good.

Consult the sheet provided above and compare your server’s values and make the decision yourself whether it’s worth to farm each farm or not.

If you’ve not started using TSM yet, you can follow this guide. It will you save you hours of work and you should be using it.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly

This is the highest gold value farm.

We’re killing Jormungar Tunnelers here for the Jormungar Scale. Despite the name, they are on the surface.

They hyperspawn, they’re everywhere, this is great.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly

Strictly worse farm than the one above, same item yields.

Because we’re in a cave, getting to the next kill always takes longer.

Don’t do this one.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly -> Ahn’kahet dungeon (not Azjol-Nerub)

We’re killing a bunch of spider-beetles inside for the Nerubian Chitin. Only going up until before the big room before the prince boss.

Each 10 runs took me 20 minutes on my 180% speed set.

Actually drops some decent t-mog.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly

Strictly worse than the previous farm.

Don’t do this.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly

Most Borean Leather per hour out of all the farms. Also yields Icy Dragonscale.

You MUST NOT kill any of the bosses, or you won’t be able to reset the raid!

They’re easy to spot, to the far West and East.


Main city portal room -> Northrend Dalaran -> Fly

Farming for memes.

The raptors here drop Gundrak Hatchling (a pet) worth around 30k.

You won’t get it, though. Move on (0,09% drop chance).

I got it, though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Seriously, though – this farm is REALLY BAD – 5k per hour!


  1. Go to the sheet and change “gold each” to your server’s values

  2. If a farm is above 20k/h, it’s good enough – ideally above 30k

  3. Crafting is the best long term gold maker, from a time efficiency perspective, so work on that

  4. Check transmog pieces you get while farming – above 1k gold and 0.02 sell rate and above is worth to post on the auction house. Vendor anything else.

Follow the stream and watch the geeking live and come hang out! I’m friendly, I promise uwu

– If you enjoyed the guide, help me out by sharing it with your friends and guildies

Happy farming 🙂


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