WOW Keybind Guide that Works for My Druid By: kunav


Keybinding (especially for a druid) isn’t always straightforward and natural to everyone. It took me years to develop a system that works for me. Here is something I’d like to share that has helped me in the years I’ve developed my skills in this game and in other PC MMORPGs.

I use 1 for abilities with cast times and I hit it with my ring finger. I need to stand still to cast frost bolts, wraths, and shadow bolts, so the ring finger works best.

I use 2 for instant cast abilities or things I need to spam. I use my middle finger because I need to use my ring and index fingers to be able to strafe with A and D. I can hit 2 while simultaneously holding down a strafe button.

I use 3 similarly to 2. Do what you will for keys like 4, 5, and 6 if you use 6. I like reserving 5 for instant cast abilities with cooldowns, such as gouge, fire blast, and my favorite shock.

I use shift and control scroll up, but I personally like keeping my zoom in and out to scroll. I use zoom a lot to change my camera angle according to the situation I am in. You don’t have to, of course.

I mainly play resto/balance druid and I like keeping my damage abilities on 1-6. I keep the healing abilities on shift modifiers. Shift 1 for regrowth, shift 2 for healing touch, and shift 3 for rejuvenation. Similarly, I bind a nature’s swiftness macro to control 1 for NS regrowth, control 2 for NS healing touch. Because roots are shift 4, I do control 4 for NS roots. Shift 5 is hibernate, and I do control 5 for NS hibernate (good for fighting shamans and druids, and controlling hunter pets).

I would do something similarly for priests (shift 3 for renew, shift 2 for flash heal, etc.). I bind my mount to control scroll up (as in, up, to get up and go). I like to visualize my binds. Z is for innervate because the tooltip looks like a lightning bolt. X is for barkskin because X looks like a block you’d do in taekwondo using your arms. F is a travel form macro because it makes me go “free” out of a nova or hamstring. E is cat form & stealth, shift e is cat form and/or dash, Q is bear form, and Q again is charge. There are many more binds I’ve done in a video I’ve linked.

Again, these binds work for me. I’m very passionate about my setup because I know Classic isn’t friendly to druids. I play a druid and I feel like I play it smoothly and seamlessly because of my efficient keybinds. I hope you take something away from this. I made a video showcasing each of my binds and why I like them, and because I’ve gotten positive feedback, I feel confident it might help other people.

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