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WOW Legendary Crafting Timing – A Deep Dive By: Wobblucy


Seeing the discussion around slots/professions for legendaries I decided to draft a post to summarize my thoughts on what we will see for the coming weeks.

A couple of key assertions and facts were used in establishing this post: 1. Legendary dust can not be recovered (blizzard please?!?… Even on a week delay?) 2.The player base is expecting a balance pass after heroic raid week. 3.Gear off the last 2 bosses in Nathria is higher then any other content in the game.

1.BiS by End of Tier

CE Players that want to be BiS by the end of the raid tier need to look at the last bosses in nathria and identify what slots they provide for your given class as, if you are pursuing the highest ilvl you will want to equip every possible piece with the higher ilvls. Legendaries will likely start being crafted around this around 2-3 months in; even if they are duplicate powers of the originals.

2.Net-Speccing’ Players (90% of ‘competitive population)

These are the players that will find a guide on the web or simcraft and decide their legendary solely based on what that guide says and chase that legendary ASAP and upgrade it as they can. I hate to say it, but what is in demand will depend on the content of these guides.

I could see a couple different paths this takes.

The creator lays out specific crafting routes for the recommended legendaries based on content.

Raid They will likely recommend waiting for the heroic week balance pass before crafting a leggo then proceed to give suggestions for players that don’t want to wait based on spec. This recommendation will likely not include the slot as it is already suboptimal to craft a leggo in the first weeks. This means that players will look for the ‘cheapest’ craft of that slot and likely not give it much thought. Finally they will recommend that players check back periodically for updated recommendations and finalize suggestions based on the heroic balance pass.

Mythic+ A generic AoE power will be recommended and as the Meta is ‘solved’ and guides are published with specific leggo’s for specific affixes/dungeons there will be a shift. Additionally as mythic+ only players don’t have access to 233 and only get one gear piece a week after W5 the decisions of players will likely be based more on what slot they have filled early from their vault as opposed to long term goals around max ilvl.

3.BiS for Mythic Raid Progression (Top 500) The legendary effects will have a greater impact then the ilvl of the item. That is if there is one legendary that performs “competitively” throughout the entire tier then a T4 crafted on the first week of mythic will be the go to.

Alternatively if there is a legendary that will significantly out perform the base one in an encounter; especially the last couple encounters then we will likely see 2xT2 (or more likely 1T2/1T3) in the mythic progress week.

Assuming this model holds, the individuals crafting 1xT4 will want that slot to be a ‘heavy stat piece’ as they will be using it the whole tier (until case 1 above) wherein the individuals crafting ‘lesser’ pieces will want them on a light piece (ring/neck/etc) so as to not hamper their gear progression.

Note that all things being equal 1xT4 will be better for guild progress as it will make items in that slot tradable for the first 8 bosses with the guild. Wherein T2/3’s will likely still lock that slot until you have a mythic piece

  1. Casual Players These individuals will be difficult to predict; they will likely not plan on crafting a leggo until multiple weeks in, and even then the BiS lists might have little away on them (especially if the recipe is a raid drop). These will be your ‘catch alls’, along with the M+ players to a lesser extent. The legendary they craft/slot will also likely be based on the cost of the base with all else equal.

TLDR: I don’t expect legendary base sales (beyond T1) to take off until late week 4/ early week 5 as the balance pass happens (or doesn’t…) For raiders the slots will be specific to each class based on the BiS legendary power and what drops off the last 2 bosses M+ players not in a CE guild will base their crafts on what they obtained to date from their vault. Casuals – will likely craft legendaries based on feel and what they have at the time; their soul ash income will be all over the place as will the availability of their recipes.

Good luck out there.


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