Today we’ll go over the best Stat Priorities, Talents and Rotation for Balance Druids in Legion WoW LEGION BALANCE DRUID GUIDE 7.0.3 Quickfire Version <Talents> For level 15, Starlord is the clear choice reducing the cast time by 20% for Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath while Empowered. For level 30 I would Advise Displacer Beast for avoiding the damage you may hope to heal with renewal by teleporting upto 20 yards ahead getting you out of that circle of death ASAP! For level 45 Guardian Affinity offers 10% Damage reduction and the ability to briefly tank the boss avoiding a wipe or take on an add in specific fights.

For level 60 Mighty Bash is always my go to choice giving an incredibly useful 5 second stun. At level 75, Stellar Flare takes the cake giving a third DoT that gives crazy damage when paired with Starfall. At level 90 Shooting Stars for AOE buffing your DoTs with a 10% chance of extra damage and Blessing of the Ancients for general buffy awesomeness giving you astral power gains out the ass. Level 100 tier gives Nature’s Balance, Nature’s Balance negates the need to refresh your dots when cycling between solar wrath and lunar strike allowing more time for other spells.

<Stat Priorities> Haste Intellect Critical Strike >= Versatility Mastery <Rotation> <Single Target> Always Keep Moonfire and Sunfire active on the Target New Moon and it’s variants should always be rolling to generate Astral Power Starsurge when available Cast Solar Wrath as a base spell to generate Astral Power casting Lunar Strike when mutliple targets are within range of splash and/or to avoid capping Lunar Empowerment charges Your Opening Rotation should be as follows: Moonfire Sunfire New Moon Celestial Alignment/Incarnation: Chosen of Elune Half Moon Full Moon After this shift into the base priority rotation <Multiple Tagrets> Keep Moonfire and Sunfire on all targets that will live for 6 or more seconds Stellar Flare on targets that will live for 12 or more seconds New Moon as normal for Astral Power generation Lunar Strike as a base Starfall to use Astral power and empower Stellar Flare Thank you for watching I Hope this guide has helped you understand your Boomkin better If this guide has helped you don’t forget to leave a like If you have any problems with the information in this guide please say so in the comments so I may research and adjust For more tips, tricks and guides for Warcraft Legion please subscribe

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