This is a quick step by step guide on the Quest “, The Windrunner’s Fate” WoW LEGION “, THE WINDRUNNER’S FATE” QUEST GUIDE, The first quest Nathanos Blightcaller, will give you is “ The Windrunner’s Fate”. This is to find Lady, Sylvanas or better, yet to find clues to where Lady Sylvanas might be. The first clue is located to the northwest of your location. After acquiring the quest, It is very close.

It is on a ship, The ship that you were with Lady Sylvanas on The first thing is a sword that is sticking in to the ship, So just go up there and it should be highlighted. That’S you first clue. Your second clue is just east of the first And is a webbed-up Dread Captain Tattersail Next to a fire just on the beach. The third clue is north east, just along the beach from the second. Once you activate this final clue, Nathanos Blightcaller will appear And give you the quest complete. I hope you enjoyed the video Like Share, Subscribe and i’ll, see you next time, You’re going in to further context and also it’s an older model. It’S the same thing, though: it’s an improved version And it’s new, No, because it’s the same essential product,