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Intro and Philosophy

Mecha-Done is a very long, difficult meta achievement that that rewards one of the coolest ground mounts in the game, the Keys to the Model W. A huge part of this achievement is based on random chance. There are tasks that require a certain world quest to spawn, certain interactable objects that only appear on certain days, items that have a very low drop chance, and sometimes all three. You cannot simply set your mind to it, grind hard for a couple of days, and ride off in your brand new mount.

This will take you lots of time to complete.

Don’t think of this achievement as a sprint to the finish line so that you can get it out of the way. Think of it as a marathon. Just part of your routine that you will devote a little time to each day and, eventually, you will be rewarded with that sweet, sweet cogbike.

How Mechagon Works

Mechagon is a discrete zone in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. There is a brief quest to unlock the zone called The Legend of Mechagon which you can pick up from Gazlowe (H) or Tinkmaster Overspark (A). This quest will become available in your faction’s expansion capital, Dazar’alor or Boralus, after you have unlocked world quests in Nazjatar.

Daily Quests – Each day several random daily quests spawn. Any given quest has a 1/7 chance to spawn each day, so occasionally you will see a quest more than once a week. There is also a repeatable quest called More Recycling that can be completed as often as you want, it rewards Spare Parts and Recycling Requisitions chests.

World Quest – There will be a zone wide world quest that spawns randomly each day and rewards a Galvanic Oscillator, a material used in Junkyard Tinkering. You don’t need to talk to anyone to pick it up or complete it, like most world quests you get credit and the reward is added to your inventory once you’ve completed the objective.

Zone Currencies – The zone currency is Spare Parts, which will drop from just about everything you do. Don’t worry about farming these, you will have a LOT by the time you are done. A secondary currency is Energy Cells and Empty Energy Cells. Both drop and will stack up in your bags, one of the daily quests will convert all of your Empty Energy Cells in to Energy Cells which you can use for construction and tinkering. Rares, chests, and quests will also occasionally drop Galvanic Oscillators and Chain Ignitercoils. The drop on these is rarer but don’t worry about farming these either. You will be spending so much time here that you’ll stack up all of these resources. Any quest steps or craftable items that require these will come naturally as you work in the zone.

Construction Projects – Interactable objects will spawn around the zone, unfinished construction projects that you can use Spare Parts and Energy Cells to complete. These have a variety of helpful benefits. Different sets of projects spawn each day. When the daily quest Cogfrenzy’s Construction Frenzy is available then all of the different construction projects will be available at the same time. You can talk to Warren Gearhart in Mechagon to see what construction projects are available any given day.

  • The Reclamation Rig is available every day and does not cycle. It spawns as an unfinished construction project and, once finished, spawns waves of enemies that must be defeated for a Recycling Requisition, a reward chest that can give several important items for this achievement.

  • Drill Rigs, when completed, will drill into a nearby cave and reveal a rare enemy. They must be defended while drilling.

  • Rustbolt Armories will allow you to pick up weapons that you’ve developed as well as a jetpack, useful for getting around the island if you don’t have flying unlocked.

  • Flame Turrets are stationary friendly mobs that help you fight nearby enemies.

  • Charging Station has an associated quest, Energy Cells for Everyone, and will convert all of your Empty Energy Cells to Energy Cells.

Junkyard Tinkering – Part of the intro quest for Mechagon will have you rescue a big robot named Pascal-K1N6. Once he moves to Rustbolt you can speak with him to create junkyard tinkering crafting items. Blueprints drop from various enemies and activities and can be turned into Pascal, once you’ve turned in a blueprint you’ll be able to craft that item.

Rares – A number of rare enemies spawn around Mechagon, hunting them down is a big part of the achievement. Each rare can be killed once per day, even rares that spawn from events like Drill Rigs.

The Achievement

Mecha-Done is a meta achievement that requires ten sub-achievements to complete. Most of these are just a matter of showing up every day and doing the daily quests. Some have complicated or hidden requirements that you should be aware of and prioritize.

Because you’ll be spending lots of time doing various different activities the following sections of the guide won’t be a breakdown of each achievement individually, but rather of which objectives you should pay attention to and treat as high priority and which you’ll simply consider part of your daily grind.

The Mechagonian Threat – Complete the Mechagon storyline. Just do all of the yellow (non daily) quests that you see and you’ll get this achievement. Easy.

Outside Influences – Complete all of the quests from visitors in Mechagon. Most of these are part of the daily grind. Go to Rustbolt, take all of the quests, do all of the quests. Some of these quests have hidden requirements though, or act as gates for other objectives. These are detailed in the High Priority and Medium Priority section. Difficult.

Junkyard Apprentice – Craft 250 Junkyard Tinkering items in Mechagon, excluding crates. Talk to Pascal-K1N6, any of the craftable items that he offers except for S.P.A.R.E. Crates fill this requirement. This is low priority, if tons of spare parts and energy cells are clogging up your bags you may want to burn a bunch on crafting to clear up space and make progress towards this achievement. Easy.

Available in Eight Colors – Collect all the paint colors for the X-995 Mechanocat. One of the cool items craftable by Pascal-K1N6 is a mechanical cat mount. It is originally un-painted but as you unlock paint colors you can speak with Marvelous Martini to re-paint it. These paint colors drop from various rares and from Recycling Requisitions. Some have a low drop chance or require additional effort to obtain. Difficult.

Making the Mount – Complete the Mechaspider questline. This is a yellow quest, not a daily, but one quest step spawns per day. Just do one step each day when you swing by Mecahagon to do your dailies and you’ll get this achievement, plus a neat spider-tank mount, eventually. The end step requires 8 chain ignitercoils which you may not have right away. You can grind for them if you want, but it’s probably a waste of time. Eventually your other activities will generate them, just let this sit in your quest log until you have enough. Easy.

Rest in Pistons – Complete the following special encounters in Mechagon. This requires that you hunt down and kill each and every rare enemy in Mechagon. Most are simply out and about in the world, you can just look them up on Wowhead, fly there, wait for the spawn, and kill them. Some have hidden requirements or only spawn under special circumstances, these will be listed in the High Priority and Medium priority section. Difficult.

Junkyard Architect – Unlock the following Junkyard Tinkering blueprints in Mechagon. You need to unlock all of Pascal-K1N6’s blueprints. Some of these will come naturally just by adventuring in the zone, but some require grinding, have a low drop rate, or need special attention to acquire. These will be detailed in the High Priority section or Medium priority section. Difficult.

Junkyard Machinist – Complete 100 construction projects in Mechagon. Another easy one that you will eventually complete. Just stop by and complete every construction project that you see as you’re flying around the zone and you’ll get this eventually. Flame Turrets are the least expensive, but you’ll be getting so many spare parts that it’s worth it just to complete every construction project that you see. Easy.

Junkyard Melomaniac – Unlock the Rustbolt Gramophone and all of its musical tracks. Vinyls that unlock songs drop from enemies and Recycling Requisitions. Some of the vinyls are easy to get but one of them have the most notoriously low drop rate in the expansion. Difficult.

Armed for Action – Construct each of the following weapons with Rocket-Chief Fuselage. One of the daily quests, Toys for Destruction, has you craft a unique weapon. After you’ve made all five you get the achievement. This is another ‘show up, do dailies, you’ll get it eventually’ quest. Each weapon you craft will show up in the Rustbolt Armory construction project though, which is important for the very difficult Junkyard Melomaniac achievement. Easy.

High Priority

These are tasks that you should do as soon as possible once you start your journey towards Mecha-Done.

Priority 1Blueprint: Rustbolt Gramophone. You need to kill Steel Singer Freza located at 26 78, who will drop this blueprint. Turn it into Pascal-K1N6 and build it right away. Until this is built none of the vinyls for the achievement Junkyard Melomaniac will drop, locking you out of progress on that achievement entirely. Because that is one of the most time consuming and RNG dependent achievements you want to get started right away to generate as many rolls as possible. Camp and kill Freza every day until this drops.

Priority 2Reclamation Rig and Toys for Destruction. The Toys for Destruction daily quest rewards one of five unique weapons useable in Mechagon as an extra interaction button. One of these possible weapons is the Supercollider. Each of these weapons shows up in the Rustbolt Armory construction projects after they have been completed once.

The Reclamation Rig is a construction project available every day in which players fight waves of enemies. First alternating waves of slimes and Irradiated Elementals, and then final boss wave of Irradiated Golems. This rewards Recycling Requisitions and Box of Assorted Parts, both of which drop items needed for achievement progress. You can complete this event once per day.

It is possible to elevate this event to hard mode by using the Supercollider weapon on all of the Irradiated Elementals. This transforms them into Unstable Irradiated Elementals. If the majority of elementals are transformed this way then the boss wave will consist of Unstable Irradiated Golems instead of Irradiated Golems. This heroic mode instead rewards Strange Recycling Requisitions and Irradiated Box of Assorted parts, which drop a different set of achievement items including the very rare Vinyl: Triumph of Gnomeregan.

That means that the only time you ever have a chance to roll this low drop rate item is when Rustbolt Armory construction projects are available, and after you have received the Supercollider weapoon from Toys for Destruction. Be sure you do Toys for Destruction each day that it spawns to unlock Supercollider as early as possible. Do Reclamation Rig in hard mode every time the Rustbolt Armory construction projects are available to maximize the number of rolls you get for this rare item.

Priority 3 – Discs of Norgannon. This daily quest has a chance to spawn like any other. The quest giver Archivist Bitbyte asks that you recover a Corrupted Data Disc and turn it in to R33-DR. This will spawn a mob called Data Anomaly, which you will kill to complete the quest.

Archivist Bitbyte only appears in Rustbolt on days that the quest is available. It doesn’t matter if you have accepted Discs of Norgannon, are currently on the quest, or have already completed it. While Archivist Bitbyte is present in Mechagon it becomes possible for four additional quest items to drop from certain NPCs. These four items, Cracked Numeric Cylinder, Large Storage Fragment, Rust Covered Disc, and Scorched Data Disc, each give a quest to talk to R33-DR, spawn a rare Data Anomaly (different from the normal Data Anomaly spawned by the Discs of Norgannon daily quest), and kill that anomaly for quest completion. It is possible to click on the item in your bag to accept the quest, kill the Data Anomaly for its rewards, and then abandon the quest instead of turning it in so that the quest item remains in your inventory. That way you can re-accept the quest whenever you would like and re-spawn the Data Anomaly. However, these unique Data Anomalies are rares and can only be looted once per day, so spawning one more than once per day won’t help you.

As long as you have one of these items in your inventory you get one roll every day for the items that the rare Data Anomaly mobs drop. Acquiring at least one of these early on is a high priority since it will allow you a roll every day as you continue your journey towards the achievement.

On days that Discs of Norgannon is active and Archivist Bitbyte is present you should farm until at least one of these items drops for you. These have a relatively low drop rate and could take some grinding. Cracked Numeric Cylinder drops from Boggac Skullbash or the troggs in the caves near him. Large Storage Fragment drops from Mechagonian Nullifier, Gearchecker Cogstar, and enemies near the More Recycling repeatable quest. Rust Covered Disc and Scorched Data Disc both drop from Paol Pondwader and from the Strange Recycling Requisition chests that are rewarded from More Recycling.

Medium Priority

These are achievement rewards that take some thinking or require special circumstances to be met, but that don’t gate additional unlocks behind them or have an inordinately low drop rate. Most of these require a specific daily quest to be active so, rather than listing the achievements themselves, I’ll list what you have to pay attention to in order to complete them.

Daily Quest – Aid From Nordrassil. The Aid from Nordrassil quest sends you to kill eight Sawblade Clearcutters and use the quest item, Living Sap, on eight Fresh-Cut Stumps. You can also use Living Sap on the small blue mushrooms near the quest area. Doing so has a high chance to turn them into angry mushroom creatures and a low chance to turn them into the rare Fungarian Furror, which drops Paint Vial: Overload Orange. Be sure that you kill Fungarian Furror each day that this quest spawns until you have the paint vial, at which point you can safely ignore it.

Daily Quest – Clues Abound. When you accept Clues Abound from Elise Starseeker you’ll be told to head to the quest area and once there Sir Finley Mrrgglton will begin following you. Complete the quest objectives from Clues Abound and Sir Finley Mrrgglton will give you one of several followup quests. Two of these quests have hidden steps.

If Sir Finley offers the quest A Growing Mystery you’ll be asked to kill Mutated Lashlings. While you are on this quest the nearby Toxic Lurkers will have a chance to drop a Night Elf Ring. Kill Toxic Lurkers and do not complete A Growing Mystery until Night Elf Ring drops. It will give you the quest Strange Discovery, the only requirement of which is to turn the ring into Elise. You can then safely turn in A Growing Mystery.

If Sir Finley offers the quest Time for Heroics you’ll be asked to rescue three NPCs. While you are on this quest the nearby Congealed Oil mobs will have a chance to drop an Old Pirate Hat. Kill Congealed Oils and do not complete Time for Heroics until Old Pirate Hat drops, it will give you the quest Pirates? I Hate Those Guys!, the only requirement of which is to turn the hat in to Reno. You can then safely turn in Time for Heroics.

Once you have completed both Strange Discovery and Pirates? I Hate Those Guys! you can stop paying special attention to Clues Abound.

Daily Quest – Unprofitable Ventures. After you accept Unprofitable Ventures an additional quest, The Direct Approach, will become available. While you are on The Direct Approach you will be able to accept one of two additional quests. The first, Waste Not, is picked up from an interactable object on the ground near the quest area.

If Unprofitable Ventures and The Direct Approach DO spawn but Waste Not does NOT spawn then The Direct Approach’s other child quest, Taking The Air Out, can spawn. It isn’t an interactable object though, it’s a quest item. Kill one of four unique enemies in the quest area, Profit Maker Grifa, Lifting Specialist Gogo, Share Stealer Wonka, or Problem Solver Skitz. The will drop a quest item called Venture Co. Rocket Box. Interact with this in inventory to accept the quest Taking the Air Out.

Once you have completed both Waste Not and Taking the Air Out you can stop paying special attention to Unprofitable Ventures.

Daily Quest – My Chickens are Not for Eating! This quest is fairly straightforward by itself. The quest giver, Oglethorpe Obnoticus, only appears in Mechagon on the days that he offers his quest.

On days that he is present, it doesn’t matter if you’re on his quest or have already completed it, there will be small friendly mobs called Dismantled OOX-35/MG all over the island. They are a little hard to spot and don’t have a quest marker, but you can find them with /tar. You can interact with them to repair them. Each one that you repair has a small chance to turn into a OOX-Fleetfoot/MG, which will run around the island following a random route. Because other people will be running around doing this it’s also possible to spot a fleetfoot on its own, so keep your eyes peeled. Snare, stun, or root the OOX-Fleetfoot/MG and DPS your heart out. They have a ton of HP so forming a group or calling for help is a good idea. Immediately after you’ve killed the OOX-Fleetfoot/MG a rare mob called OOX-Avenger/MG will spawn at 56 39. Hustle over there and kill it for Rest in Pistons kill credit and its drop, Blueprint: Emergency Rocket Chicken.

Once you have Blueprint: Emergency Rocket Chicken you can stop paying special attention to Oglethorpe Obnoticus and My Chickens are Not for Eating!

Daily Quest – Cogfrenzy’s Construction Frenzy. Completing this quest awards a Cogfrenzy’s Construction Toolkit, which has a chance to contain several tinkering blueprints. It also drops an item called Pressure Relief Valve. Once you have three Pressure Relief Valves (or are in a group with two other people who each have one, you just need three total between you) head to 80 20 and use one relief valve on each of the interactable pipe objects poking out of the large gear set flat on the ground. This will spawn an interactable button object, click on it to spawn the rare The Doppel Gang. Note that the Cogfrenzy’s Construction Frenzy quest must be active for these interactables to appear.

Once you have The Doppel Gang kill credit, Blueprint: Emergency Repair Kit and Blueprint: Emergency Powerpack you can stop paying special attention to Cogfrenzy’s Construction Frenzy.

Daily Quest – The Other Place. In this quest Chromie will send you to an alternate timeline where the Rustbolt Resistance has failed and the evil king of mechagon reigns. Farm in this alternate timeline until Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer drops. This will allow you to visit the alternate timeline on days when The Other Place is not available and Chromie is not present in Mechagon. The rare mob The Rusty Prince only spawns in the alternate timeline on days when The Other Place is NOT active, so you will need to craft and use a Personal Time Displacer to get the kill credit for this rare.

After you have Blueprint: Personal Time Displacer and kill credit on The Rusty Prince you can stop paying special attention to The Other Place.

Daily Quest – Bugs, Lots of ‘Em! You don’t need to do anything special, but the rare Sparkqueen P’emp at 78 31 only spawns while this daily quest is active. Make sure you get that rare kill while it’s up.

Daily Construction Projects- Drill Rigs. The Drill Rig daily construction projects tunnel into a small cavern and reveal a rare. That means that these rares will only be available to be killed on days that the Drill Rig construction projects are available. The rigs themselves spawn just like rares do, you can circle around their locations or pick one and wait until it spawns. Make sure that you pick up the following rare kills and their loot drops on the days that drill rigs are available:

The Drill RigThe Mob It SpawnsThe Loot It DropsLocation
Drill Rig DR-TR35Earthbreaker GulrocBlueprint: Scrap Trap63 25
Drill Rig DR-JD99Gemicide59 67
Drill Rig DR-JD41BoilburnBlueprint: Scrap Trap50 50
Drill Rig DR-CC61Gorged Gear-CruncherBlueprint: Mechano-Treat69 53
Drill Rig DR-TR28Ol’ Big Tusk56 36
Drill Rig DR-CC88The Kleptoboss68 54
Drill Rig DR-CC73Caustic Mechaslime69 53

Once you have kill credit for Earthbreaker Gulroc, Gemicide, Boilburn, Gorged Gear-Cruncher, Ol’ Big Tusk, The Kleptoboss, and Caustic Mechaslime and you’ve obtained Blueprint: Scrap Trap and Blueprint: Mechano-Treat you can ignore the drill rigs.

Low Priority

Everything else is pretty easy. Show up. Take all the quests. Cruise around the zone doing objectives and killing rares. Just set aside a little time each day to work on this and you’ll get these objectives done eventually.

Daily Quests – Anything not mentioned in the previous sections fits here. These quests are rolled randomly each day. Just show up and do your dailies, eventually you’ll get them all.

Crafting – You’ll need to make 250 items for Junkyard Apprentice. Apart from mounts and cosmetics most of what you’ll craft will be obsolete after you’re done in mechagon so once you have the cool stuff you want from Pascal you may as well just craft Scrap Grenades for 50 spare parts and turn around and vendor them.

Construction Projects – Pay attention and complete construction projects as you see them around the island. If you’re getting towards the end of the achievement and you still need more wait for a Flame Turret day or a Cogfrenzy’s Construction Frenzy day and fly around completing projects.

Rares – Except for the rares listed in the High and Medium priority sections the rares follow regular rules. They spawn on a timer, you can kill them once per day. Easy. See which one’s you’re missing, look ’em up on wowhead, camp til they spawn, and kill ’em.

Blueprints – You’ll need all the blueprints for Pascal-K1N6, but the method is pretty much like rares. Look up what drops them, kill them each day until they drop. Easy.

Recycling Requisition – The Reclamation Rig event and the More Recycling repeatable quests drop Recycling Requisitions. Doing the More Recycling quest multiple times per day will start giving you Strange Recycling Requisitions instead. These drop all the same stuff, but with a higher drop chance. If you need: Blueprint: Re-Procedurally Generated Punchcard, Paint Vial: Copper Trim, Blueprint: Annoy-o-tron Gang, Blueprint: Orange Spraybot, or Vinyl: Mimiron’s Brainstorm then you’ll need to get them from Recycling Requisitions. You’ll get plenty over the course of grinding the achievement so it’s worth it to wait until close to the end of your journey to really farm these. If you DO farm recycling requisitions be sure you do two or three at a time so that you get Strange Recycling Requisitions instead of just Recycling Requisitions.

Rustbolt Reputation – Several things, Blueprint: Rustbolt Resistance Insignia and Blueprint: Microbot XD, only drop from Rustbolt Supplies which are rewarded for every 10,000 reputation earned beyond Exalted. You’ll want to keep doing all of the daily quests until you have both of these. Once you have both then you don’t care about rep any more, you can just do whatever quests you still need objectives from without doing all the dailies.

Notable Mobs – Two mobs, Rustfeather and Arachnoid Harvester, drop cool mounts with a very low drop rate. If you want those mounts you may want to kill these two each day even after you’ve gotten their blueprints and achievement credit.

My Method

My method for doing this achievement was pretty chill. You’ll need a navigation addon that lets you set waypoints, I use TomTom.

To setup look at the Medium Priority section and make a list of the quests that you can’t ignore. If you need to kill Fungarian Furror you can’t ignore Aid from Nordrassil, if you need Blueprint: Mechano-Treat you can’t ignore Drill Rig DR-CC61, etc.

Make a macro listing your objectives. My macro looked something like this:

/tway 87 21 Mecharantula

/tway 65 51 Rumblerocks (Paint)

/tway 26 78 Steel Singer Freza (Blueprint)

/tway 57 48 Armored Vaultbot (Blueprint)

Then I made a second macro listing the drill rigs that I still needed kill credit or drops from the same way.

You load in. Take a look at what quests are available. Double check that against your list of quests to pay attention to. Hit your macro to populate your map with waypoints towards objectives that you need. If it’s a drill rig day hit that macro too. Then you just fly around completing quests and hunting rares, deleting them from your macro when you get what you need from them. Do reclamation rig once per day, hopefully in hard mode.

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