WoW PATCH 7.1.5 ULTIMATE GUIDE, GIVEAWAY, STAT, LEGENDARIES +MORE Hello everyone and welcome to the World Of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5 This Week In Gaming special Along with this special Friday show we have a giveaway for ‘Alchemist’ on steam It’s a cool little platformer and all you need to do to have a chance at winning is to be subscribed to Xaine’s World On top of that you can enter 2 more times by subscribing to my Vlog channel 6 Months to Fail aswell as follow me on Twitter @XainesWorld The giveaway will be run by Gleam So click the link in the description to the contest page and verify you are subbed to Xaine’s World etc for your chance Gleam will automatically pick the winner on Thursday the 20th and notify me of your email address at which point I will gift you the game via steam I’d like to start doing this on a regular basis for the friday shows and with bigger and better games But this will of course be dependant on it’s success so if you want more giveaways with better prises in the future Like! Share! Tell EVERYBODY! And let’s make this happen! Now that’s enough dilly dallying Let’s get right into Patch 7.1.5! This Week In Gaming (TWIG) Patch 7.1.5 is pretty big for a small patch First up is the changes to Talents, abilities and just classes in general So so so many changes have been made to classes, it would be silly to list all changes here or the video will be an hour along with everything else But what I will say is that a crap tonne of changes have been made and as such you should definitely check out what changes have occured for you class and spec WoWhead have gone all out on the class changes They have detailed guides aswell as the full patch notes with specific changes and updated talent calculators and such Definitely worth checking out a link to the wowhead main page where all of this is advertised is in the description.

I am also looking at individual guides for specific classes as the content for the coming week breaking down all you need to know about your class So keep an eye out for that Secondary Stats Next is secondary stats Now, the effect that seconday stat points have on it’s respective percentage Has been nerfed but! Jewelry stats have been increased to balance it closer to other items that have more primary stats than just Stamina and primary stat quantity per item level in general have been buffed This is to help balance out the nerfing of the secondary stats All of these changes to stats have been made to make it less important as far as picking secondary stats over item level Before, it was sometimes worth using an item 20 ilvl below another due to the secondary stat it held Now this is much less of a problem so you can actually use those high level items youve been hoarding.

New and Old Legendary Item Changes Legendaries have had a large revamp also New ones have been added for all classes aswell as old ones reworked Your best in slot legendary is now most likely not Legendaries that were amazing in all situations have been nerfed while legendaries that were only good in specific situations have been buffed this is a bittersweet change and for those with multiple legendaries will give more options and most likely require you to switch them between some fights Artifact Knowledge Catchup Mechanic Artefact Knowledge now has a catchup mechanic 2 in fact The first allows you to buy an Artifact Research Synopsis for 500 resources (The same price the research notes are anyway) these allow you to gain 1 level of atifact knowledge up to the highest of 15 This is great as it essentially just cuts out the time it took waiting for those to work orders to work.

The second catchup mechanic allows you to buy a compendium that is Bind on Account these compendiums work in sets of 5 levels You can only purchase compendiums up to 5 levels below your current level So if you are level 10 in artifact knowledge, you can buy a level 1 compendium which will grant an alt level 5 in artifact knowledge if you are level 25 in artifact knowledge you can purchase level 4 compendium which will grant level 20 artifact knowledge, unfortunately if you are level 24 you may only purchase the level 3 compendium giving level 15 in artifact knowledge I’m terrible at explaining things in a manner humans can understand So if you are confused at all Write it in the comments and I should be able to clarify. Profession Changes Next we come to changes to professions Blacksmithing has regained the ability to get some old recipes that were removed when things were previously simplified This is bound to be fantastic news for those obsessed with transmog And likely a great way to make some quick gold on the auction house in the early days of this patch Engineers now have their very own shoulder enchant Boon of the Builder Granting the possibility of Sprocket containers dropping of mobs These contain all manner of engineering supply’s aswell as the new 880 goggles schematic added in the patch The boon can be obtained via a quest and purchased from Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran A new pet called Trashy can be purchased from the Fishing grand master dude on the fishing island around Dalaran for Drowned Mana Crafted gear that is upgraded with Obliterum can now be upgraded twice more taking it upto a max level of 865 And finally Enchanters can now Enchant themselves for much lower material costs with separate recipes that grant 200 of a secondary stat These recipes can be obtained from a vendor at the Farondis hub for the rank 1’s Rank 2’s drop from mobs in specific zones for the recipes The zone needed is stated in the profession tab with the next rank text and rank 3’s can be found in emissary chest relating to those specific zones at a 20% drop chance.

The Brawler’s Guild Returns The Brawler’s Guild has returned and is more brawly than ever Ranks 1-7 have been revamped with new bosses to fight Many of the old bosses can be fought via the Random Brawl Mode and cool events called Rumbles will sometimes take place Rumbles port everybody in the quee into the arena to fight a raid boss So no more going afk while in the que Lots of new items can be gotten now including a new mount Brawler’s Gold is now earned while fighting which can be used to purchase Rumble cards and buff items Blood-Soaked Invitations will need to be gotten once more to join in the fun These can be gained from Emissary chests Dungeon bosses or grinding the Elite Vykrul in the Sheild’s Rest island in Stormheim Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Dungeons Added Mist of Pandaria Timewalker dungeons have been added The first Mists Timewalking event being on the 8th or 9th of March depending on your Zone This event not only allows you to relive the fun of the Mist’s dungeons such as Gate of the Setting Sun Stormstout Brewery Shado-Pan Monastery Mogu’shan Palace Siege of Niuzao Temple & Temple of the Jade Serpent But also allows for many things to be bought with Timewalking Badges from Mistweaver Xia on the Timeless Isles The best of which being 2 new pets Infinite Hatchling & Paradox Spirit And finally the last Cloud Serpent Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade Blade’s Edge Arena Makeover For you arena masters Blade’s Edge Arena has had a revamp Looking far more badass now Micro Holidays Festival Events And Lastly Micro Holidays have been added Micro holidays are just for fun events These events will only last a few days And are just cool little things to do in Warcraft between all that raiding Call of the Scarab is the first starting on the 21st of January till the 23rd This event gives players the chance to grind some items for turn in reliving a little of the original Ahn’Qiraj opening event.

The faction that turns in the most wins that year and will have their faction Banner displayed over the gates until the same time next year Hatching of the Hippogryphs is a one day event on the 23rd of Febuary Where if you go to Feralas You can witness the adorable little hatchlings hatch from their shells March of the Tadpoles is another 1 day event taking place in the Borean Tundra The Winterfin Murlocs have their lil’ tadpoles just about run all over the place getting themselves into danger and such You can help them and make a friend for the day by head over.

Volunteer Guard Day takes place on April the 28th and allows you to live life as a Guard for a day in a Mojor city by /salute’ing a Guard The Spring Balloon Festival takes place between the 10th and 12 of May Giving you the chance to take a Hot Air Balloon Tour over Azeroth On the 27th of may the Glowcap Festival occurs where you can pop to Sporeggar in Zangermarsh and help the Sporelings heal the great mushroom by gathering rare mushrooms The Thousand Boat Bash in Thousand Needles is a thing starting on the 6th of June and finishing on the 8th It is essentially a massive boat party And lastly for the micro events Un’goro Madness Where from the 10th of August to the 12th of August the Dinosaurs in the Un’Goro Crater go a bit mental and start running around causing all kinda of trouble Head down and calm those prehistoric little gits and get some evolution buffs. Peanut Butter Xainey Time! That’s just about everything for this apparently “Small” Patch I hope this has been of help Remember to click that link in the description for a chance to win a copy of ‘Alchemist’ Like if you liked Dislike if you didn’t yet somehow watched the whole thing Subscribe if you haven’t already *Heavenly Sounds* And have an awesome day folks! and that’s 10 Minutes

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