WOW Quick Guide on Solving Rune Locked Treasure Chest Puzzles in Torghast By: PlatonicTroglodyte


Hey folks! I’ve seen a couple people on general chat complaining about the rune locked chests in Torghast so I thought I’d share the trick to solving them. It’s pretty straightforward but I guess could be overwhelming if you’re unaware.

The mechanics are pretty straightforward. Each chest has four chains that can go around it, and each chain will go away when the rune beneath it is set to the proper one. You can change the rune by clicking on it. Once all four chains are gone, the chest unlocks and you can open it for that sweet sweet anima power.

Here’s the seemingly tricky part though: clicking some runes will change the runes in other columns, as well as the one you clicked. This can be frustrating, but it’s really no big deal! For every chest, one rune will change the value of all four runes, one will change for three, one will change two, and one will only change itself. The solution therefore is simple: fogure out which runes affect 4/3/2/1 rune columns, and click through them in that order, stopping at the rune that removed the chain for each. Once you get to the final rune that only affects itself, click through it to remove the final chain and you should be able to open the chest!

You don’t need to worry about rune rotation patterns and you don’t need to be overly concerned with one click affecting multiple columns. Just start from the one that changes all of them and work your way down! It can be done in less than a minute.

Happy Torghasting!

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