WOW Raptor Hide farm – 5 hours data and guide By: ElGoblinoGuides


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Why farm this?

Raptor Hide is used for crafting 3 different transmog pieces per faction (4 in total).

If you’re in for an extremely slow selling item that’s also extremely high gold per hour.

If you’re using the materials yourself for crafting.


1. Get classic skinning. You can train this in your faction’s cities.

2. Use a druid.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

4. Get Darkmoon Firewater for faster skinning.


From 5 hours:

– Medium Leather

– Heavy Leather

– Medium Hide

– Heavy Hide

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

Raw gold: KEKWg

Medium sell rate (1 week to 1 month): 13k

Long sell rate (several months up to over a year): 130k (50% of the price for transmog, non-mog gear and recipes)

Total: A lot, but it doesn’t matter, only do this for crafting yourself

If you’re unsure how to go about selling transmog, you can follow this guide. By using the strings and operations I provide, you will eventually sell it.

Farm spot <– click

Getting there:

Dreamwalk -> Hinterlands portal -> Fly South

The route:

We’re here to kill “Highland Fleshstalker” raptors.

Save yourself some carpal tunnel – use a macro like this:

/target Highland

/cancelaura Travel Form

/use Moonfire

Final words

– It’s probably a waste of time doing this farm for anything but getting the materials for your own crafting. But you can do whatever the HECK! (slight pause) you wanna do.

– The average quantity sold per server is under 1 per day, for the Raptor Hide. On average, it would take you something like an entire year to sell 1 hour’s worth of farm.

– I’ve started streaming! Follow me and watch the farms live and come hang out! I’m looking for buddies to farm with!

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