WoW Shadowlands 101: Leveling


What’s up? It’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull. Welcome to WoW Shadowlands 101. So what’s going on with leveling? Haha funny you should ask. Let’s break it down. So right now in BFA, leveling a new character is a mess. You get thrown from expansion to expansion every few hours because you’re leveling too quickly. This feels pretty awful because you never get to experience any of the full storylines. I mean, in Wrath you get to learn all about Arthas and the Lich King to only get cut short and forced into some Cata zone without ever finishing the Icecrown storyline. And this type of thing happens every expansion. Not good! So how did Blizzard fix this? First, they started off by completely re-hauling the new player experience. After you create your sweet character with all the new and pretty character customization options, you’ll be sent to this place, Exile’s Reach, where you’ll learn the base mechanics of the game.

Like how to move, and what that giant exclamation mark is, and best of all, you learn how to kick butt. Oh yeah! After beating up Private Cole, getting a few levels, and abilities, you then get sent on your first real adventure. You learn some things, you definitely kill some things, and at the end you smash your way through an AI assisted group dungeon! Genius, Blizzard. And eventually you’ll be sent to BFA to finish out your 10 to 50 leveling experience. Yeah I know, they basically just said out with the old, in with the new. But I’m not a new player you say? Well, if you’re not a new player, all of that Exile’s Reach stuff is kind of unnecessary.

And only being able to reach max level through BFA would be a crazy waste of content. Well sit up buttercup, because they thought of it. Yeah, when you start a new character just get to level 10, and then open the dungeon journal and my homie Chromie should have a few quest options waiting for you. Want to learn about the Burning Legion and the Blood Elves? BC baby! Or how about the super cute fluffy pandas and the Monk class? Huh? You just select Mists of Pandaria! This is so crazy! You get to choose the expansion, or expansions, you want to level through all the way to 50. So genius, Blizzard! Huh? Only level 50 you say? Well yeah, that’s because of the level squish.

Every player is getting sent back in time like Marty McFly. Haha not really, but your level and your gear will be reduced from the old range of 1-120 to 1-60. I love smaller numbers! Of course when you hit level 50, you’ll be heavily persuaded to level through the current expansion, Shadowlands. Genius, Blizzard. And that’s what’s going on with leveling in Shadowlands. Thank you so much for watching! If you have any questions leave us a comment or come check out our Discord. We’re building a pretty awesome community there. I’ll also be streaming every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern. Links to everything in the description below. Love you all, peace!.

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