WOW Shadowlands Farming Change’s! Result Break Down Live,Ptr and Beta! By: Shadsoz


Hey guys and gals back with another data collection! With the nerfs and changes coming i thought it would be cool to release my data on some Live,Ptr and beta farm comparisons.

There is no spreadsheet yet but will be one for the 100 page Goblin and Gnome Gold Guide!

Remember everything is subject to change. But i feel PTR is more then ready to launch with the farming changes.

Few things to take from this i have included Overworld farming which means. Farm that is not in a instance.

I have included Newer Dungeon which means. Dungeon Farm From legion or above.

I have included Older Dungeons which means. Dungeon Farm from before legion.

I have included Raid Mob Farm which means. Farm where i farm mobs in a raid not bosses.

You will notice its not all nerfs I for one found that Old world and overworld is the winner with this change. With a few exceptions like sky reach. There is alot to be farmed again.

I have a whole video explaining the changes that people are over looking here:

Also if you have not noticed skinning or gathering materials in areas for beta and ptr. Does not just give 1 icon as live does. If you skin and get 6 skins. You get 6 icons from mobs. Making it longer to loot. Just throwing that in here to give a heads up.

Here are the results *more will be added as shadowlands goes.

Raid Mob Farming


Firelands (live) 1 Run


219 Gold From Mobs

Has no Trash

6 Chest (21g)

13 Greens

Greens (49g Raw)

Mardenholde Spear of the Feverflare 994.66g

Thondroril Wand of the Fireflash 133.97g

Mereldar Wand of the Aurora 99.17g

Thondroril Spellblade of the Peerless 50.59g

Talondeep Vest of the Quickblade 115.36g

Talondeep Bracers of the Aurora 156.15g

Crystalvein Gauntlets of the Feverflare 167.43g

Dandred Waistband of the Aurora 240.49g

Stonewrought Legplates of the Fireflash 194.24g

Dandred Boots of the Fireflash 232.28g

Blackwolf Ring of the Harmonious 72.53g

Mereldar Ring of the Peerless 50.83g

Mereldar Ring of the Feverflare 50.83g

Plans: Emberforged Elementium Boots 700.00g

Total Raw Gold 289g

112 Savage Leather Scraps


Firelands (PTR) 1 Run


283 Gold From Mobs

18g (13 Items From Trash)

7 Chest (21g)

10 Greens

2 Purples

Greens (37g Raw)

Moonbrook Wand of the Feverflare 2343.21g

Ameth’Aran Shoulderpads of the Fireflash 1421.50g

Crystalvein Breastplate of the Harmonious 184.51g

Talondeep Belt of the Fireflash 140.78g

Thornsnarl Belt of the Fireflash 146.58g

Talondeep Legguards of the Feverflare 150.13g

Stagalbog Boots of the Feverflare 3401.78g

Thondroril Amulet of the Harmonious 84.17g

Blackwolf Ring of the Harmonious 72.53g

Mistmantle Shoulderpads of the Feverflare 1427.01g

Purples (13g Raw)

Firebound Gorget

Lava Bolt Crossbow

Total Raw Gold 372g

99 Savage Leather Scraps


Firelands (Beta) 1 Run


158 Gold From Mobs

24g (15 Items From Trash)

6 Chest (24g)

6 Greens

2 Purples

Greens (26g Raw)

Stonewrought Shield of the Peerless 400.05g

Mystral Shoulderpads of the Harmonious 100.06g

Nazferiti Bracers of the Aurora 2102.53g

Moonbrook Amulet of the Fireflash 997.40g

Moonbrook Ring of the Fireflash 476.55g

Bladefist Staff of the Aurora 869.37g

Purples (47g)

Ranseur of Hatred

Scales of Life

Total Raw Gold 279g

119 Savage Leather Scraps


Old World Dungeons


Skyreach (1 Run) Live


122 Gold From Mobs And Bosses


Rukhran’s Quill 43g 53s

Arcanic of the High Sage 69g 55s

Incarnadine Greathelm 38g 84s


Bloodfeather Treads 25g 91s

Lavalink Stompers 27g 26s

Goldsteel Bindings 17g 33s

Disease-Binder Seal 22g 73s

Chakram-Breaker Greatsword 59g 67s


Ruhkmari Spellblade of the Feverflare 24g Auction = 461g

Trash Items 15 (42g)

Total Gold 492.82g


Skyreach (1 Run) PTR

107 Gold From Mobs And Bosses




Lightbinder Cover 9g 97s

Felflame Hood 10g 62s

Necklace of Endless Shadow 5g 75s

Morningscale Treads 10g 74s

Morningscale Gauntlet 6g 75s

Verdant Plate Grips 7g 8s

Morningscale Spaulders 10g 54s

Fires of the Sun 11g 33s


Sunscryer Handwraps of the Aurora 3g 19s

Trash Items 12 (5g 91s)

Total Gold 189g


Skyrech (1 Run) BETA


120 Gold From Mobs And Bosses




Lightbinder Cover 9g 97s

Darkflame Loop 8g 28s

Signet of Shifting Magics 8g 28s

Leafmender Hood 14g 38s

Bloodfeather Grips 6g 65s

Necklace of Holy Deflection 6g 12s

Beakbreaker Scimitar 18g 88s

Sandals of Swirling Light 10g 20s


Sunscryer Handwraps of the Aurora 3g 19s

Trash Items 12 (25g 74s)

Total Gold 233g


The Stockade (Live) 1 Run


25g Gold From Mobs And Bosses Live 1 Run




Wicked Dagger x2 6g 30s

Girdle of Nobility x2 2g 27s

Stolen Jailer’s Greaves 4g 66s

Cold Iron Pick 8g 67s


Hefty Battlehammer of the Quickblade 4g 57s Auction = 258g

Trash Items 21 (1g)

Total Gold 61g 4s

14 Battered Junkbox = 10s


The Stockade (PTR) 1 Run


87g Gold From Mobs And Bosses



Blues 20.12g

Cold Iron Pick 6g 5s

Turnkey’s Pauldrons 2g 39s

Noble’s Robe x2 3g 39s

Fire-Hardened Shackles 1g 61s

Silk-Threaded Trousers 3g 27s

Green 42g (raw)

Fortified Boots of the Aurora 298.19g

Ivycloth Boots of the Aurora 138.85g

Shimmering Sash of the Aurora 200.34g

Fortified Cloak of the Aurora 299.31g

Fortified Cloak of the Quickblade 299.31g

Zircon Band of the Quickblade 1130.84g

Bright Cloak 201.07g

Militant Shortsword of the Fireflash 249.66g

Militant Shortsword of the Quickblade 249.66g

Shimmering Cloak of the Quickblade 57.59g

Fortified Shield of the Fireflash 1432.83g

Bright Mantle 400.80g

Bandit Shoulders 2200.67g

Defender Spaulders 2480.08g

Hefty Battlehammer of the Fireflash 199.16g

Battlesmasher of the Fireflash 184.76g

Buccaneer’s Vest of the Quickblade 10008.71g

Fortified Chain of the Fireflash 189.88g

Bandit Jerkin of the Quickblade 213.00g

Bandit Jerkin of the Aurora 213.00g

Defender Tunic of the Quickblade 208.40g

Burnished Tunic 695.02g

Inscribed Leather Breastplate 599.42g

Bright Bracers x2 251.10g

Burnished Gloves 571.95g

Superior Belt of the Aurora 251.07g

Green Raw Gold

Trash Items 69 (31g)

Total Gold 181g

11 Battered Junkbox = 12s


The Stockade (Beta) 1 Run


86g Gold From Mobs And Bosses



Blues 18.12g

Cold Iron Pick 6g 5s

Stolen Guards Chain Boots x2 2g 44s

Corpse Rompers 2g 32s

Girdle of Nobility 1g 58s

Silk-Threaded Trousers 3g 27s

Green 42.98g

Massive Battle Axe of the Quickblade 182.28g

Massive Battle Axe of the Aurora 182.28g

Massive Battle Axe of the Fireflash 182.28g

Polished Zweihander of the Fireflash 371.19g

Light Bow 78.64g

Oak Mallet of the Fireflash 101.85g

Battlesmasher of the Fire 184.76g

Buccaneer’s Orb of the Quickblade 400.00g

Forest Leather Mantle 419.19g

Bandit Shoulders 2200.67g

Scouting Spaulders 2783.82g

Raider’s Chestpiece of the Fireflash 150.25g

Bright Bracers 251.10g

Silver-Thread Cuffs 877.33g

Forest Leather Bracers 475.60g

Shimmering Gloves of the Quickblade 156.32g

Fortified Belt of the Aurora 136.53g

Forest Leather Belt 361.02g

Buccaneer’s Pants of the Quickblade 256.06g

Shimmering Boots of the Aurora 100.02g

Silver-Thread Boots 795.13g

Superior Cloak of the Aurora 73.69g

Bright Cloak 201.07g

Trash Items 72 (33.69g)

Total Gold 180.79g

9 Battered Junkbox = 11s


Plans: Runed Copper Breastplate 24.16g

Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite 48.50g


Iron Docks


223 Gold From Mobs And Bosses



Blues 208g

Lightbinder Cover 25g 42s

Sharpeye Gleam 26g 19s

Lavalink Ringmail 35g 26s

Ring of Ripped Flesh 21g 74s

Belt of Burning Focus 17g 47s

Mantle of Swirling Light 25g 3s

Mantle of Arcane Mystery 27g 55s

Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector 29g 9s

Green 96g

Voidcaller Waistband of the Peerless

Zangarra Crystal of the Aurora

Mandragoran Cowl of the Peerless

Soulkeeper Wand of the Harmonious

Incised Dagger of the Aurora

Trash Items 4 (23g)

Total Gold 550g


Iron Docks (Ptr) 1 Run


214 Gold From Mobs And Bosses



Blues 208g

Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector 11g 42s

Necklace of Endless Shadow 5g 75s

Frost-Touched Robes 14g 4s

Gutwrench Goreaxe 19g 62s

Rivet-Sealed Waistplate 7g 6s

Morningscale Leggings 13g 48s

Lavalink Spaulders 10g 51s

Verdant Plate Crown 10g 5s

Green 8g

Deathweb Bracers of the Harmonious

Daggerjaw Hood of the Harmonious

Trash Items 12 (34g)

Total Gold 348g


Iron Docks (Beta) 1 Run


213 Gold From Mobs And Bosses



Blues 136

Fleshrender’s Meathook 11g 82s

Mark of Ice 8g 76s

Black Iron Sniper Rifle x2 24g 62s

Mindbreaker Scepter 19g 76s

Rockhide Links 7g 16s

Bloodied Hand of Woe x2 19g 84s

Green 34g

Growthshaper Wand of the Peerless

Creeperclaw Mace of the Feverflare

Evermorn Ring of the Harmonious

Warpscale Gauntlets of the Peerless

Growthshaper Amulet of the Harmonious

Trash Items 18 (38g)

Total Gold 422g


Newer Dungeon


Darkheart Thicket Live (1 Run)


44 Gold From Mobs And Bosses


Night Dreamer Crest 44g 30s

Clotted Sap of the Grove 33g 8s

Greatbelt of Disruption 28g 91s

Cloak of Fading Echoes 40g 81s




Dreamgrove Sproutling 18g 76s

Trash Items 14 (39g)

Total Gold 248g

144 Stonehide leather

32 Stormscale

3 Bloods


Darkheart Thicket (PTR) (1 Run)


74 Gold From Mobs And Bosses


Grove Darkener’s Treads 24g 1s

Band of Twisted Bark 21g 39s

Nightmare Egg Shell 28g 77s

Gloves of Vile Defiance 15g 71s




Smolderhide Hood of the Fireflash 11g 8s

Trash Items 20 (71g)

Total Gold 187g

142 Stonehide leather

30 Stormscale

3 Bloods


Darkheart Thicket Beta (1 Run)


62 Gold From Mobs And Bosses


Wristbands of Cursed Torment 38g 28s

Greatbelt of Disruption 16g 75s

Dreadhide Girdle 35g 84s

Nightsfall Helmet 24g 30s




Dreamgrove Sproutling 8g 76s

Trash Items 20 (14g)

Total Gold 246.77g

155 Stonehide leather

27 Stormscale

3 Bloods




Camp Aparaje (Live)


10 Mins

19g From Mobs

Blues 21s

Thunderbrow Ring

Greens 15.85g

Massive Battle Axe of the Fireflash 176.81g

Pathfinder Cloak of the Fireflash 5549.95g

Fighter Broadsword of the Quickblade 317.13g

Sentry’s Surcoat of the Aurora 8089.52g

Grunt’s Chestpiece of the Fireflash 10891.99g

4 Trash (18s)

Total Raw 35.24g


Camp Aparaje (PTR)


10 Mins

56.11g From Mobs

Greens 34.99g

Polished Zweihander of the Fireflash 302.18g

Dwarven Magestaff of the Fireflash 394.60g

Firestarter 134.23g

Opaque Wand 50.00g

Wrangler’s Wraps of the Quickblade 26219.38g

Sanguine Armor 53225.28g

Slayer’s Cuffs 10439.05g

Raincaller Cuffs of the Aurora 11949.44g

Robust Gloves of the Aurora 12922.47g

Pathfinder Belt of the Aurora 6549.49g

Resilient Cord 3478.09g

Sanguine Belt 2230.34g

Robust Leggings of the Aurora 8722.41g

Bristlebark Britches 3759.78g

Sanguine Trousers 19560.90g

Watcher’s Leggings of the Aurora 2787.61g

Raincaller Cloak of the Aurora 15486.46g

Jacinth Circle of the Fireflash 1614.62g

Pattern: Phoenix Gloves 466.64g

32 Trash (22.99g)

Total Raw 117.09g


Camp Aparaje (Beta)


10 Mins

60.13g From Mobs

Greens 51.07g

Resilient Cape x2 6281.77g

Enduring Cape 5632.66g

Watcher’s Cape of the Fireflash 639.92g

Brutal War Axe of the Quickblade 328.69g

Brutal War Axe of the Aurora 328.69g

Battle Slayer of the Quickblade 109.22g

Dwarven Magestaff of the Aurora 394.60g

Battle Knife of the Quickblade 229.58g

Splitting Hatchet of the Aurora 446.00g

Fighter Broadsword of the Fireflash 317.13g

Pathfinder Guard of the Aurora 25542.30g

Robust Helm of the Fireflash 4002.20g

Raincaller Cap of the Quickblade 978.82g

Bristlebark Amice 3980.51g

Raincaller Robes of the Fireflash 13316.95g

Watcher’s Jerkin of the Quickblade 14625.15g

Greenweave Robe of the Quickblade 550.40g

Thick Scale Bracelets of the Quickblade 6510.00g

Resilient Bands x2 12029.53g

Raincaller Cuffs of the Quickblade 11949.44g

Robust Gloves of the Fireflash 12922.47g

Sanguine Handwraps 6304.56g

Greenweave Gloves of the Aurora 354.89g

Wrangler’s Belt of the Quickblade 1291.13g

Resilient Cord 3478.09g

Bristlebark Britches 3759.78g

Watcher’s Leggings of the Aurora 2787.61g

Heart Ring 458.75g

32 Trash (20.97g)

Total Raw 132.17g


I hope you enjoyed this and found this useful.

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