Wow Shadowlands Milling Interactive Spreadsheet ( with tutorial video ) By: canadiatv


Hello! I’ve made a spreadsheet for milling nightshade and death blossom . Here it is :

Now if you are new to using spreadsheet, i suggest to watch this video explaining everything about it :

Here is now a text guide on how to use:

  1. Go to file and choose “make a copy”. If you don’t make your own copy, you won’t be able to use the spreadsheet.

  2. Name the copy what ever you like 🙂

  3. There are now 3 types of cells which are color coded. DO NOT ever change the content of blue or green cells or the spreadsheet will stop working for you.

  4. The yellow cells are the cells you want to edit. Make sure to enter values in ALL yellow cells before interpreting results from the blue and green cells.

Very important information :

The spreadsheet assumed you cell every pigment or ink you produce to estimate profit and ROI. Keep in mind that ink and pigments don’t have insane sale rates and you may have to make crafts with the materials you have left even if they are not profitable. If you see a very high profit margin, it may be faster to sell stuff like missives and tomes even if they are not highly profitable just to be able to mill more herbs and therefore make more profit. That’s personally how i made most of my gold with tomes of still mind going for sometimes 1400g each. Sometimes they were not profitable according to tsm but the price of ink on the AH is not usually the real crafting cost of ink. I didn’t mind sacrificing some profit to improve the sale rate drastically and sold like 1500 tomes across my 6 servers 🙂 .

I guess that’s it. I’ll be around if you have any questions or comments. Happy Goldmaking!

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