What’s up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is ryutarou aka tarou and in this video I’m gonna show you how to easily make gold with Skinning. For the free complete guide, and many others, go to tarouwowguides.com I’ll be spending 30 minutes in two of the best Skinning farming spots I’ve found in Northrend. I’ll start out with the well known spot in Sholazar Basin. As always, make sure you’re repaired, have food and/or water, fully buffed, empty bag space, and blare some music.

The first Skinning farming spot I’ll be showing is in the Southeast section of Sholazar Basin and I’ll be spending 30 minutes there. This is a well known area so don’t be surprised if you see others farming it. The packs of Gorillas are nicely clumped up and great for AoE’ing. Travel from pack to pack killing and Skinning all the Gorillas.

If you notice I’m using two characters. I’m only doing this because my Skinner is only level 71 and therefore can’t accurately show what an 80 could kill in a 30 minute time-frame. Don’t worry though because he is only Skinning and not doing any damage. It’s actually a bit slower this way since I have to switch back and forth and can’t easy fly from pack to pack. The Gorillas are super easy to kill and don’t do anything too anoying except a charge stun but it’s only the black ones with this ability it seems. Ok, so it’s been about 30 minutes and I got a decent amount of materials.

Before heading to the next spot I’ll send the Skinning mats, meat, and greens to an alt and vendor all the trash. While I don’t use an addon to vendor trash, there are a few out there that I will list links to on my website at tarouwowguides.com if any of you care to use them. Now that all that’s taken care of it’s time to head to the next Skinning farming location. The next Skinning farming spot I’ll be showing is in Gimorak’s Den located in Mid-northern Storm Peaks and I’ll be spending 30 minutes there. This isn’t a very well known cave and has some very fast respawn times making it a great place to farm Skinning materials.

The cave is loaded with worms and wolves that are semi-nicely clumped up making them easy AoE targets. The worms drop scales and meat and the wolves drop decent meat making each kill worth more gold beyond the typical Skinning materials. I like to start at the beginning of the cave and kill and skin as I go all the way to the back. I then head back out to the front and repeat this over and over again. Caves are also nice for their seclusion. You have a lot less chance of being attacked by other players who are passing by. If the actual cave ever gets too crowded, try farming Skinning materials in another spot or different time.

Alright, so it’s been about 30 minutes and I got a great amount of materials. As before, I’ll vendor the trash and mail off the Skinning materials, greens, and meat to an alt. Ok now that I’m done farming for the day it’s time to disenchant the greens and list all the items. Some players may want to vendor or list the greens instead depending on their server so make you check which is best for your situation. I’ll be listing all the Skinning materials, Enchanting materials, and meat but I suggest that if you have access to Cooking and Leatherworking that you make items instead.

You can check my website at tarouwowguides.com to give you some ideas. Skinning, Cooking, and Enchanting materials usually sell very quickly so I’ll only list them for 12 hours. While I do use Auctioneer to list the items I still individually check each item to make sure nothing is out of whack. This also helps me see if there are only really good deals on materials that I may want to buy.

Here I found Arctic Fur for a bid of 5g listed at < 12 hours. The server is shutting down soon making this a great oppurtunity to get some cheap mats for Leatherworking or resale. I ended up winning them and sent them to my Leatherworker. This is why I don’t always fully automate any of my listings. Ok back on the topic of this Skinning Gold Guide. It’s the next day and all the items sold so let’s add everything up and see how I made out. Sholazar Basin netted – 240g in 30 minutes or about 480g per hour. Skinning Materials – 185g Cooking Materials – 7g Enchanting Materials – 23g Vendor Trash – 25g while, The Storm Peaks Cave netted – 378g in 30 minutes or about 756g per hour.

Skinning Materials – 283g Cooking Materials – 42g Enchanting Materials – 9.6g Vendor Trash – 43.4g Making The Storm Peaks cave a far better farming location for Skinning materials. I’ll list out all the items farmed and Skinned on my website as well as what they sold for. So there you have it, a comparison of two great Skinning farming locations as I’m always trying to find the best farming spots for all of you to use. Please subscribe, thumbs up this video, and visit tarouwowguides.com as I’ll be coming out with more FREE wow guides to help all players have more fun in the World of Warcraft! Thanks for watching^^ ‘Now go… tell me the funniest or dumbiest thing you’ve ever seen while farming’ I’d have to say the tard botter in my Northrend Farming Guide video who was stuck on a wall..

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