WOW Starter’s Guide to Multi-Realm Flipping By: Casual_Gold


If you’re apart of any gold making community and are in the larger discords, then I’m sure you’re aware of a couple of people constantly posting screenshots of low-priced snipes on discord, all day, every day. I’m here to tell you exactly what they’re doing and how you, too, can profit millions from other people’s posting mishaps. I understand that this method isn’t for everyone but if you want to try it out, give this a go whenever you have some down time and are near an AH. I promise that with enough time you’re guaranteed to make millions of gold using this method.

Method one: Using the Deals section of to find deals on the hourly reset.

So, you’re probably wondering, what is TheUndermineJournal?

TheUndermineJournal (TUJ) catalogues items posted on the AH across every realm and updates their information when new data from the API is released every hour. What we want to focus on is the Deals page. On the Deals page, you can high valued items that have been posted for as little as an hour on your AH. Most items on Deals are junk but with a little bit of time and note-taking, you will learn what to shop for. If you’re lucky enough to be on the realm they’re on, you can scan the AH and buy them before TUJ (and other snipers) ever see them.

This is extremely lucrative, the only thing that matches how much gold you can earn from this is professions at the start of an expansion or BOE flipping, both take much more time and effort than this. This is from the last four days. Aside from the enchanting patterns, the rest of the items you see sell anywhere from 100k to 800k or higher, depending on the item. In just two weeks, I was able to pay for a year of game time using this website. At first, I had no idea what I was doing and would buy every low priced, current expansion transmog that were listed at under 10% of the Regional TUJ price. With enough time and patience, you can learn what items are good to buy and what you should ignore, I’ll include a small list below with some of my favorite items to hunt for.

Here’s a chart explaining what sections to look for and how to check new deals.

The green box, the box on the left, is the price of the item currently listed on that realm’s AH. The red box, the one in the middle, is the regional price across all AHs. Not every item listed here will sell, that’s why you should focus strictly on current transmogs, a good example would be the Plundered pieces or the Gleaming Celestial Waistguard. The box to the right, the yellow one, is your main target when checking the TUJ after an hourly update. A quick way to scan this page is to press CTRL + F and type “minute” or “second” depending on how fast you are in F5’ing.

If you can write a script that prints out new posts and copies them to a clip board, you’ll be a few levels above everyone else.

Since I was getting these items at <1k gold, I was able to relist them at 10k – 200k and sell them within a couple of days, depending in the average sale price and amount on the realm. I highly recommend checking your realms AH every hour if you want free gold. However, the problem you’ll run into using this is that the few people using this gold making method to snipe are inhumanly fast at scanning for specific items and switching realms, almost like bots. TUJ does offer a paid notification service but this is spotty at best and doesn’t function the majority of the time. What I recommend is that you be logged in and at an AH before your realm page updates, refreshing it as quickly as you can. This isn’t for everyone but if you have a few minutes every hour, it’s a great money maker.

Method two: Set up a list of the items you see constantly posted on Discord and run a scan every 30 minutes on your realm.

These items will appear at low prices even if others are listed. The casual players either aren’t paying attenion when listing or don’t care about gold enough to match the price of the other auctions that are listed.

A small list of these items should include the following:

  • Ashelia’s Adorned Waistguard

  • Blackvenom Blade

  • Blackrock Bulwark

  • Plans: Arcanite Champion

  • Plans: Felsteel Longblade

  • Plans: Felsteel Reaper

  • Battered Hilt

  • Any removed shirt

  • Design: Jeweler’s Amber, Ruby, and Sapphire Monocle

  • Dragonrider’s Harness

  • Razorfin Shoulders/Breastplate

  • Firekin Amice

  • Stinkrot Smasher

  • Any BOE Mount from BFA

  • Crafted Mounts

  • Epic Patterns from Nefarian

  • Tabard of the Lightbringer

  • The Glazer

Again, this is just a small list of items I see frequently listed for less than 500g across many realms.

My goal with this is to educate the general player base and help out those who struggle with gold. I don’t think this method should remain as private as it seems to be. Just a handful of players are using this for gold making, you can easily recognize them on different realms by their names. I’d like to invite anyone who’s never had much luck with gold to try this out, no one person needs to have millions of gold. As for myself, I’ve made more than enough from doing this and I’d like to pass on the knowledge. This is one of the easiest methods I’ve ever used to make gold and I’m surprised no one else is talking about it. Then again, any competition might ruin the free game time for them. I hope that when you have a few minutes every hour, you take that time to scan your AH or checking TUJ when it updates as you never know what kind of deals you may find. Just remember, be quick or miss out!

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