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All about groups


2×4 means 2 groups of 4 people. You want exactly that number, or looting will be a mess or strictly non-working.

Cannot be a raid, cannot be a greater number than that. This is the highest number of people you can get farming something.


Balance druids are the overlords of group farming. Brewmaster monks are the second most sought after.

That’s what you will go for, if you want the utmost efficient for group farming.

That doesn’t mean other classes are useless. Just know that you can never beat the best Balance druid in terms of efficiency, no matter how hard you try.

The passive damage you deal with Starfall and the pulling ability you have is unmatched by any class or spec.

For monk, the ratio of DAMAGE to BEEF is unmatched.

Both these specs have extraordinary utility, as well. Healing, damage prevention, etc.

Should you make a balance druid or brewmaster monk for group farming?

It depends. How much will you be farming? Are you looking for short-term or long-term value?

For me, it’s absolutely worth it. But I cannot answer those questions for you.


Finding groups for farming is incredibly easy and simple.

Group finder -> Premade groups -> Custom -> Input “2×4” or “BoE”

You don’t really need to know about spots or where to go – people will show you. The barrier of entry is virtually inexistent.

Covenant Choice

For group farming as a Balance Druid – there’s no question – Night Fae is the best.

You get a free Starfall almost every single time and you also get a lot of Astral Power, with the the Night Fae ability.

Don’t worry too much about this. No one will reject you from a group for not being Night Fae or anything like that. If you want to be the most efficient at group farming, though, go for Night Fae.

For other classes and specs, you will have to look for the information elsewhere.

Talents for Balance Druid

We want anything that maximizes Starfall and healing:

Talents image

  • Nature’s Balance represents the most Astral Power over time – more Starfalls

  • Renewal is great healing – we don’t want to be pressing mobility buttons, most of the time

  • Restoration Affinity and Heart of the Wild make you into an actual healer and is incredible group utility. If others in your group take this, you won’t need a dedicated healer (read: you can take another Balance Druid, instead)

  • We are not going to be casting anything other than Sunfire and Starfall, so we don’t want any bonuses to Eclipse. We take Starlord and Fury of Elune.

  • Stellar Drift makes Starfall better.

For warmode:

  • Protector of the Grove makes your Regrowth much better on allies.

  • Other talents aren’t a big deal, but you can take Thorns and Celestial Guardian. I think those are the best.


Tailoring and Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging will make it so you loot more cloth. You want to be taking that, for sure.

I rotate between 3 professions on my farming character:

Tailoring, Enchanting and Skinning*.*

I always keep Skinning, because you need to be at maximum skill to have the most yields.

I do not craft anything on this character, so I switch between Enchanting and Tailoring as needed.

When I need to disenchant items, I get Enchanting.

When I need to farm something, I get Tailoring and Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging.

Why did I choose to do this?

It makes it so I only have to gear one character to enjoy PvE, PvP and also group farm.

Speed Food

Fried Bonefish makes you go brrrrrrrr when you kill an enemy.

Not a big deal, but makes you a little bit more efficient.

Buy from the Auction House or craft it with Cooking.

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