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Hey all, i was asking myself a question the other day about how much certain currencies in WoW would be worth in a gold value. To help solve this question and if you all had question like this, i have developed an addon that will Approximate the gold value of certain currencies in Game.

i.e. Garrison Resources, Shiny Pet Charms, Tricky Treats, etc…


  1. Download From Twitch/Curse

  2. Go To Minimap Button and Open UI ( user interface)

  3. Go To Settings ( all other tabs will be blank at first )

  4. type a TSM Price Source i.e. ( dbmarket ) and Save Settings

  5. Close Down UI and Re-Open

after this it will give you a display of currencies and an approximate value in gold for 1 unit of that currency.

Values are show in the addon as follows:? ( Currency Name, Exchange Rate, Location For Conversion )


  • Currency -? The Currency tab is the default when the addon is open. This displays all current adapted currencies and there conversion rates for quick easy access.

  • Events – The Events tab will show all known currencies and there conversion rates for Those Events ( i.e. Hallows End – Tricky Treats)

  • Calculator – This tab is simply calculating your current rate for a currency and times it by how many you how to see the total value of your currency.

  • Settings – This Should be configured first, due to you need to set your price source


I have done a guide going over the setup if you prefer a visual guide:

Any questions or bugs let me know on the discord. I hope you all enjoy the Addon and hope it helps some of you in your quest for gold making 🙂

Currency Value Addon:


Hope you all enjoy,


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