WOW Top Tips for Inscription Gold Making + Gold Cap Challenge By: Breg123


Hey guys, Breg here, and I’ve got a few tips for those of you looking to make gold with inscription. I recently started my gold cap challenge series for Shadowlands, and I made 1.7 million gold profit in 24 hours from Inscription. Here are a few things I learnt:

  • Basics: You can be level 50 to make things with inscription, you dont need to get to 60. You have to get to Inscription level 80 to start making the cards, but it’s not too expensive to get there – I suggest using the WoW Professions Inscription guide.

  • TRADE TRADE TRADE: One of the best things to do with darkmoon cards is to trade with them. Just type in trade chat “TRADING Darkmoon cards /w me”. Then if someone whispers you, tell them whatever card you are missing from your deck, and they could be able to give it to you in exchange for another card (that you have multiple of).

  • Don’t be afraid to sell the individual cards: Sometimes it’s actually more profitable to sell all the cards individually than make them into a deck. Check the auction house and see, sometimes the deck is 70k but ONE card from the deck sells for 50k.

  • Milling Rates are DIFFERENT: Different herbs seem to mill at different rates, for example Death Blossom seems to give more luminous ink, whereas Widowbloom seems to give more umbral ink, at least that;s what I found!

  • UNDERCUTTING: Particularly on high pop servers, I was getting undercut every 15-20 seconds, so you need to keep undercutting and reposting (for same price) if you want to make faster sales.

Good luck with all your goldmaking, I love the start of expansions because everything is so crazy! Feel free to check out my Gold Cap Challenge YouTube series if you are interested (I’m also doing a 1 million gold giveaway):

Happy Gold Making!

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