Wrathion Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Wrathion, the Black Emperor Ny’alotha Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this a guide to the Wrathion raid boss in Ny’alotha on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This is a nice and easy intro to the raid that takes us back to Dragon 101. Searing Breath is our tank swap mechanic and also the reason why you should not be in front unless you’re currently tanking. It’s a cone attack with a debuff, and tanks will want to swap after two stacks. Tail Swipe is the reason why you also don’t want to be behind the dragon. Stay on his Safety Sides at all times. Incineration will debuff a few people with an exploding DoT. If you get this, run out and explode by yourself. For Gale Blast, just run away, don’t stack up and dodge fireballs for a sec. When Wrathion hits 100 energy, he’ll fly to the edge of the arena somewhere and do Burning Cataclysm. The second he leaves, you want to figure out where he’s going and then run as far as you can in the opposite direction. Scorching Blister bumps will spawn and you need to get to the safe spot that’s over 30 yards from the nearest bump.

It’ll be on the edge opposite Wrathion. After it’s over, he’ll chuck out some Molten pools to avoid. When he finishes his second Cataclysm, Wrathion will cast Smoke and Mirrors to become immune and start Phase Two. Scales of Wrathion will fall down and you need one person in each to soak. Pick your speediest classes to soak those. Soakers get Burning Madness, which lets them destroy Crackling Shards by running through them. The goal of this phase is to clear all the Crackling Shards, so soakers clear as many as they can and have the ranged can take down the rest. If you miss any, they do leave permanent Lava Pools that deal unavoidable raid damage but it’s the first boss, you’ve got plenty of time to clear them, you’ll be fine. On Normal, that’s it. He’ll come down and start Phase One again after the shards are gone and it’s rinse and repeat. On Heroic and Higher, you will get some adds during Phase Two called Ashwalker Assassins. They’ll stealth around, Choke people for ten second stuns and Ambush them.

Anyone not busy clearing shards can be throwing out AOE and Flares to find them and kill them. And that’s the Wrathion fight! You might lose a few people to the first Cataclysm but you guys will have this down in no time. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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