Zul’Farrak farm – 100 runs By: ElGoblinoGuides


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Why farm this?

LONG list of possible transmog drops. I got 131 different pieces worth over 1k. Good for new transmog sellers to start with.

Some good recipes and old gear.

Decent place to solo farm for Mageweave Cloth, at 1500 per 10 runs.


1. Use your fastest moving class, preferably a speed twink. See this guide for reference.

2. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

3. Get classic skinning. You can train this in your faction’s cities. This will add 5k value per hour to the farm.


This is what I got from 100 runs:

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

Raw gold: 750g

Medium sell rate (1 week to 1 month): 7k

Long sell rate (several months up to over a year): 32k (50% of the price for transmog, non-mog gear and recipes)

Total: 40k

If you’re unsure how to go about selling transmog, you can follow this guide. By using the strings and operations I provide, you will eventually sell it.

Route <– click

Getting there:

Your faction’s main city -> Uldum portal -> Fly over

The route:

Try your best to be under 1 hour for each 10 runs and to be efficient with what you choose to kill. Going out to kill single scattered mobs is very low gold per hour.

Each 10 runs ended up being something like 53 minutes on my speed set druid.

Final words

– Don’t farm this 100 times. I did it to gather data and create the guide. Do it 10 or 20 times and move on to the next guide. You’ll end up with too many duplicate items. That means your storage will get wrecked. Don’t get your storage wrecked.

– Diversify! Doing 10 runs of multiple guides is better than 100 runs of one.

I’ve started streaming! Follow me and watch the farms live and come hang out! I’m looking for buddies to farm with!

Happy farming 🙂

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